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August 2006

These horses in Waipi`o Valley on Hawai`i Island belong to the last known herd of wild horses in the Hawaiian Islands. Conflicts are getting more violent as horses and residents of Waipi`o try to find ways to co-exist in the valley.

Photo by Walter Steiger

Wild Horses in Hawai`i

Everyone who grew up on the Big Island has a reverence for Waipi`o, a remote valley on the north windward side without electricity, accessible mainly on foot, a place of old Hawai`i filled with stories of ali`i, night marchers and taro.

OHA Moves Ahead with Organization of a Hawaiian Government

After the failure of the Akaka Bill which would have given Native Hawaiians federal recognition and the right to self-government, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) is continuing to channel its energy into organizing Hawaiians into a political entity.

Mo`olelo O Na Ali`i

“This is my command…He shall be named ‘Umi. I am Liloa, and these are the tokens for the child when he grows up and seeks me in Waipi‘o: the feather cape [ahu‘ula], ivory pendant [lei niho palaoa], helmet [mahi‘ole] and kauila spear (laau palau).”

Punahou Football and Girls Volleyball Teams Come to the Northwest For Emerald City Weekend

Punahou High School in Honolulu is bringing 125 students, faculty and administrators to Seattle over the Labor Day Weekend to participate in the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) Volleyball and Football Invitational.

Nā Mana`o Ulu Wale

Is there anything that smells as sweet as a warm trade wind caressing a plumaria tree in full bloom? That fragrance certainly excites all the senses as well as triggers memories of a childhood yard and many special occasions celebrated with lei.

Supernanny Comes to Hawai`i!

In Wayne Harada’s Honolulu Advertiser column a few days ago there was this headline: “Supernanny Out To Tame Isle Keiki”.

Music: New Releases

Every month Gregg reviews newly released Hawaiian CDs. Read about your favorite artist or explore the Hawaiian music scene.

From the Editor

As soon as I arrived in Hilo at the beginning of July, I heard about the shootings of wild horses in Waipi`o Valley and the very next day, drove the 40 miles to Honoka`a to attend the first meeting. As I listened to the heated comments at the meetings, I understood that this was truly a Hawaiian story.

Moni`que’s F.A.T. Chance: A Dream Come True

Last year, Oxygen Network and Mo’Nique started something big with Mo’Nique’s F.A.T. Chance - television’s first full-figured reality beauty competition.

Kama`aina Profile: Punahou School

Normally, I devote my Profile Column to individuals who perpetuate Aloha in their respective ways but this month, I am recognizing the Punahou School whose rich traditions and superior scholastic/athletic programs have created a Legacy of grooming some of the most outstanding and famous Hawaiian Islander citizens ever!

Grant Higa, Strongman from Hawai`i

Hawai`i can boast of its own strongman in Grant Higa, who was born in Honolulu and moved to the Big Island when he was 12.


It's not a very big place.....but then dreams often start in little places.  This place is called Cafe Hawaii (in the Parkland, WA area) and per lovely Lynelle Paranada: "This place is my Dad's dream and our entire family is helping make it come true for him!"

Foodstuffs: Sour Lemons and One-Ton Chips!

 If you grew up in Hawaii, you probably remember the popular One-Ton Chips packaged in the clear cellophane bags made by the Hilo Maebo Noodle Factory.

Do You Remember...?

When you could buy one big sack of See Moi for a nickel... and then you ate the whole thing and licked the bag... Gramma said, you go Chinese School , you say "NO!" she said, you go, I buy you see moi, you say OK.

Hot Summer Events in the Northwest

Hot summer events caught on film. Check out these photos by Ed Tanaka

New Inter-Island Carrier go! Making Waves

go! the new inter-island carrier operated by mainland-based Mesa Air Group began a fare war with Hawaiian and Aloha Airlines when it started flying at the beginning of June with an introductory one-way inter-island airfare of $39.

The Events Calendar

Find out about upcoming events in our events calendar!

Old Hawai`i: Pictures from the Past

The Ala Wai Canal in Waikiki around the 1930s, looking `ewa.
This photo was sent in by Royce Ishida from Honolulu.


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