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August 2008

E ho mai -- A Chant

In the May 2007 edition of the Northwest Hawai`i Times, Roy Alameida wrote the story E mālama o Kaho‘olawe about helping students learn to care for the land of Pauahi (founder of the Kamehameha Schools) in whatever way possible and to continue learning about Hawaiian history, culture, and language. E ho mai is an oli asking permission to enter a place.  It is also asking the ancestors for guidance during whatever learning will take place. 

This E ho mai is chanted by the freshmen (class of 2011) from Hawaiian Culture class and members of Ho`olāhui Pākīpika (Hawaiian Club) at the Kamehameha Schools - Kea`au campus on Hawai`i island where Roy Alameida teaches.


Aloha Festivals Announces Parade Will Continue

Hula dancers with `uli`uli dance their way in last year's Aloha Festivals Floral Parade in Honolulu.
Photo courtesy of Aloha Festivals


Hawai`i Athletes at 2008 Beijing Olympics

The Summer Olympics is upon us once again and for many in Hawai`i, it’ll be a time to cheer on a good number of athletes that not only represent an entire country, but the Aloha State as well. Nine Hawai`i athletes are heading to Beijing to compete in the Olympics starting this month.


Let's Talk Trash

I always look for stories that link Hawaii and Washington. If I’m lucky it may have comedy potential. Well, I recently came across this headline: Hawaii’s Next Big Export – Municipal Trash. The basic idea is that Hawaii will be sending trash to Washington State.

Summer Happenings in the Northwest

Photos of summer happenings here in the Pacific Northwest


Foodstuffs: Lychee

I spent July in Hilo when had plenny lychee! Not only was it lychee season, but this year there was a bumper crop. Can’t tell you how many times someone showed up at my mother’s front door with a sack of lychee.



Music: New Releases

Every month Gregg reviews newly released Hawaiian CDs. Read about your favorite artist, explore the Hawaiian music scene and learn about coming shows.

WHAT?? Makaha Sons in Kennewick, Washington?!

YES! A dream came true for Hawaiian music lovers in the central Columbia Basin on Monday night, June 23, as The Makaha Sons seranaded an audience with nahenahe Hawaiian music for the soul.



From the Editor: Where's the Water?

I spent the month of July with my spry 91-year old (“91-and –a-half” she likes to remind us!) mother, who still goes for a walk around her Kaumana neighborhood at 5am every morning and works in the yard when it isn’t raining, which was nearly every day I was there and so unlike Hilo.

Pacific Islander Community Served by KWA

The Korean Women's Association (KWA) has grown to serve people from 31 countries of the world in nine counties and ten offices across the state of Washington.



The Events Calendar

Find out about upcoming events in our events calendar!

Mo`olelo O Nā Ali`i

Upon hearing the news about the Maui forces, Kamehameha decided to stop at Kawaihae in order to reorganize his warriors and wait for his forces traveling overland. When these forces arrived and had some time to rest, Kamehameha put his military strategy into action.



Kama`āina Profile: Old Soldiers of Hawai`i

Time has marched on for these men, most noticeable perhaps in the shades of gray in their hair and in the slower, more deliberate pace of their walk.....they range in age from early forties to the late seventies.....their faces are older looking, wrinkled by the sun and sea and even more, perhaps, by the memories of war and pain and losses each of them has experienced.



Most of us have always treasured the relationship between our Hawaiian culture and that of our Native Americans Ohana! Thus it was no real surprise, but certainly a pleasure to have the Puyallup Tribal Elders extend the full support of their Emerald Queen Hotel & Casino staff towards the “Old Soldiers of Hawaii Reunion” event September 25-28, 2008!

Nā Mana`o Ulu Wale

I got a phone call the other day from my friend Lawrence Aki on Molokai. He has moved into Hālawa Valley full time. Remember Hālawa has no electricity, potable water, telephones, radio signals, or cell phone reception. He goes the two miles up the hill to Pu`u O Hoku on a daily basis to check for messages on his cell phone.

NEW NEW NEW Audio Clips

Listen to audio clips from some stories in the Northwest Hawai`i Times. Here's a couple but going get sah mo' bumbye!


Old Hawai`i: Pictures from the Past

Here is Hawai`i's most famous landmark, Kaimana Hila, whose highest peak is Lē`ahi. This photo, taken in 1940, comes from the collection of Maile Jean Elliott in Port Angeles who lived in Hawai`i for many years, and her son Elliott Manning, born in Honolulu, living now in Yakima, Washington.


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