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February 2008

The Doomed Monkey Pods of Kōloa Town

Crosses line the row of monkey pod trees scheduled to be destroyed to make way for a shopping center in Kōloa, Kaua`i.
Photo by Mizu Sugimura

The Doomed Monkey Pods of Kōloa Town

It would be difficult to ignore the line of white-washed homemade crosses and hand-painted signs erected in front of a belt of tall, stately monkey pod trees in a vacant lot by the intersection of Maluhia and Kōloa Roads in the historic Kaua`i plantation town of Kōloa.


Get involved regarding the monkey pod trees at Kōloa...

Chick's Paddle Returns Home to Hawa`i

I read the piece on Peter Daniels and was interested inletting him know about an experience I had regarding his great-grandfather Chick Daniels.





I moved to Seattle from Hawaii in September of 1985, back when Woodinville was wooded, Kent was more warehouse than strip mall, and a guy could get into the UW with a 2.7 grade point average and light brown skin.

Warrior Sugar Is Still Sweet

Steve Kajihiro.  Photo by Dave Kajihiro

Despite losing to the Georgia Bull Dogs in the 2008 All-State Sugar Bowl and a week later, the team’s head coach June Jones to SMU Mustangs, the Warriors’ sugar is still sweet.




Music: Grammy Time!!!

It’s that time of year again, where everyone with any interest in Hawaiian music gathers to either (a) celebrate that the recording industry recognizes the distinct, unique and valuable genre of Hawaiian music enough to award it a prestigious trophy, or (b) complain how the Mainland folks just don’t “get it,” and keep selecting winners (or even nominees) who don’t deserve to represent the Hawaiian music scene.


Kamehameha IV: Scholar and Visionary

From www.hawaiihistory.org

With the passing of Kamehameha III in 1854, the torch as ruler of the Hawaiian Kingdom was passed on to his hānai (adopted) son and heir Alexander Liholiho ‘Iolani, the fourth ruling monarch.



The Events Calendar

Find out about upcoming events in our events calendar!

Mo`olelo O Nā Ali`i

The mo‘olelo tells of the loyal support among the Ali‘i for Kīwala‘ō. But there was also support for his cousin Kamehameha whose core supporters were initially his uncle Kaha‘i (half-brother of Keōuakupuapaikalaninui, Kamehameha’s father) and Kānekoa, a well-known Ali‘i of Waimea.


Kama`āina Profile: Sergeant Garry Naipo

Wars are Hell........there is no simpler way to say it! And all of us who have been or are still involved, whether as the military serviceman or woman going off to fight the battles or as the family left behind, are impacted in various ways by Wars!

KENT WAS A GENT: Reflections on K.K. Ka`umanua

Kent Bowman was best known in the Islands as pidgin storyteller K.K. Ka`umanua who re-told popular fairy tales Hawaiian style: “Goldie the Blonde Malihini and the Three Wild Pua`a,” “Rumple Dakineskin,” “Little Lei Puahi,” among others. He also poked fun at local politics which inspired his stage name. (Say “Ka`umanua” but think in English.)



From the Editor: Island Values

Aloha Pepeluali which I’m sure you’ve guessed means February. It’s the birth month of Kamehameha IV, whose short life is recounted by Roy Alameida. It’s also the death month of Captain James Cook, first Westerner to document contact with the Hawaiians in 1778 and subsequently killed at Ka`awaloa, on Kealakekua Bay on February 14th.


I’m often asked if there is a place in the Seattle/Tacoma area which features traditional Hawaiian music on an ongoing, recurring basis and the answer is a BIG positive YES!

Foodstuffs: Vernie's Vonderful Recipes

Vernie Watson was born and raised in Honolulu but now lives in Port Orchard, Washington. She comes from a family who she says, “lives to eat!” Vernie honors the cold Pacific Northwest with some recipes for salmon and cod, fish not found in warm, Hawaiian waters but often appear canned or salted in Island dishes. She also throws in a Korean noodle favorite and true to island form, ends with a spectacular dessert.

Nā Mana`o Ulu Wale

Au-we! The University of Hawai`i football program sure went through some warp-speed changes during the first fifteen days of January. There is an island/Pacific Northwest connection with new Warrior head coach Greg McMackin.

NEW NEW NEW Audio Clips

Listen to audio clips from some stories in the Northwest Hawai`i Times. Here's a couple but going get sah mo' bumbye!

Hawai`i -born Presidential Hopeful Supports the Akaka Bill

Barack Obama, born in Honolulu and a graduate of Punahou, is in a hotly contested race with Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party’s nomination for President of the United States. He also supports the Akaka Bill, also known as the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act.


Old Hawai`i: Pictures from the Past

This photo of Old Hawai`i is not so old, but definitely from the past. Kaimū, the famous black sand beach rimmed with coconut trees, was at Kalapana on the island of Hawai`i. The much-photographed landmark is now completely gone, covered with lava from Pu`u O`o in 1990. Mahalo to Lisa Perin who sent in this picture and wrote, "It was taken at the Black Sand Beach, one of our favorite places to go." Lisa lived in Hawai`i from 1970-1979 and now resides in Bothell, Washington.

Photo Courtesty Lisa Perin

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