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January 2008

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!

Honu, the Hawaiian green turtle (Chelonia mydas) has been on the endangered species list since 1978. Now fully protected under Hawai`i state law and the federal Endangered Species Act, honu are still threatened by humans who want to touch or ride them and by ocean litter such as plastic bags and discarded fish line. We can help by picking up trash on beaches everywhere and keeping pets away from island shores. When you see honu, admire but leave them alone. In this New Year of 2008, we wish safe journey into the future for all who are indigenous to Hawai`i.
Photos by Loren Ryter

Aloha and Kōkua for Kauaian: Benny Lagmay Day

By now, you have likely heard Benny Lagmay's story - how his heart problems have gotten worse recently, leading to staggeringly high medical bills, and a need for a heart transplant, soon, in order to survive --- and that it will come at a cost of well over $250,000; a massive expense for an independent businessman.



Daddy UH

Happy New Year! I hope you had a holiday filled with food, family, friends, fun, and any other “f’s” that make you happy. So the University of Hawaii football team actually did it. They went undefeated for the first time in their history.

UH Football Gives Hawai`i Reason to Believe

Just about two years ago, University of Hawai`i and Sheraton Hawai`i Bowl officials flew neighbor island sports editors to O`ahu to watch a football practice and meet both the players and coaches. I was one of only two editors to show up. The other was Joe Ferraro, who was the sports editor at the West-Hawaii Today newspaper that year.



Check out Steve Kajihiro's Pro Bowl blog


Music: An Interview with Keali`i

Hawaiian musical star Keali`i Reichel has just released a new concert DVD, and Music Writer Gregg Porter recently spokle with him about it.



Lāna`i Culture & Heritage Center

The island of Lāna`i, located west of Maui, is 141 square miles, the smallest of the inhabited Hawaiian Islands. Native Hawaiians inhabited Lāna`i for at least 800 years before Western contact in 1778, and had a population at one time estimated at 6,000.




Regarding the monkey pod trees at Kōloa in the February 08 issue...

The Events Calendar

Find out about upcoming events in our events calendar!

Mo`olelo O Nā Ali`i

After his death, the body of Kalani‘ōpu‘u was prepared for burial according to traditions. The body was placed in a plaited coconut leaf shelter where it could be viewed and mourned by the ali‘i (chiefs) and maka‘āinana (common people).


Kama`āina Profile: Benny Lagmay

We (you and I, all of us) in the Hawaiian community need to try to give Benny Lagmay more than one day.....we need to try to give him a lifetime of days! This is a story about the fragility of life, about hope and faith but it is also a story about Aloha given to a community..............and returned, ten fold!

Builder of the State -- Friend of youth -- Benefactor of Hawai`i

January 25, 2007 marks the 185th anniversary of the birth of Charles Reed Bishop -- philanthropist, businessman, educator and husband of Princess Bernice Pauahi Pākī, founder of the Kamehameha Schools in Hawai`i.



From the Editor

Hau`oli Makahiki Hou…from Hilo! We decided to make another fast trip back to the Islands for the holidays. After the big storm and flooding in the Pacific Northwest in December, we thought a little warm weather and sunshine would do us good, but HAH!


I love writing, especially writing about people....I love it most when I can meet the “person” in people, the often wondrous human souls beneath the facade of their public images.....Amy Hanaiali`i is physically a very beautiful woman and she is one of Hawaii’s most outstanding entertainers (numerous awards including a few Hokus attest to that) but to meet her without the stage makeup and flashy clothing is a revelation.

Foodstuffs: Vernie's Vonderful Recipes

The Hawaiian Makahiki began last month; January 1st marks it for the western world and much of Asia will celebrate it in a few weeks. So we’re happy to report that the New Year is upon us. With that in mind, party food seemed the logical focus for this month’s Foodstuffs.

Miss Teen World Washington


Chloe Maier, the daughter of Tom & Sheri Maier of Spokane, Washington is the reigning Miss Teen World Washington.



More from Bradajo

You think you're the stuff in the mirror.

Nā Mana`o Ulu Wale

Hau`oli Makahiki Hou! Or…Happy New Year! I hope you know that this and hau`oli lā hānau (happy birthday), are translations from English. And…furthermore, the Hawaiians, either prior to or after the arrival of the Tahitians in the 1200’s, never had a single day where they donned party hats, blew whistles, and drank `okolehao to celebrate a “new year.”

Hawai`i Guys Around Puget Sound

Where are they? At the University of Puget Sound and the Bellevue Police Department.




Niumatalolo New Coach at Navy

Ken Niumatalolo, born and raised in Hawai`i, was recently named head football coach at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Niumatalolo is from Lā`ie, O`ahu and a graduate of Radford High and the University of Hawai`i (’89) where he played for the Warriors (the Rainbow Warriors back then.)

Honolulu's Lee Retires from Coaching in Montana

Montana-Western football coach and Honolulu native Tommy Lee has announced his retirement after seven seasons at the NAIA school.“I have thought about retiring the last few years and it was just the
right time,” Lee said Thursday in a statement released by the school.

NEW NEW NEW Audio Clips

Listen to audio clips from some stories in the Northwest Hawai`i Times. Here's a couple but going get sah mo' bumbye!

Old Hawai`i: Pictures from the Past

Aerial view of Lanai City in 1929. James Dole bought the island in 1922 and built the largest pineapple plantation in the world. In this 1929 photo, the land grids for the pineapple fields can easily be seen. By the late 1980s, pineapple grown in Hawai`i was no longer profitable and today, the small amount of pineapple grown on Lāna`i is not for export.

Photo Courtesty of the Lāna`i Culture and Heritage Center

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