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September 2006

Hui Wa`a on Lake Washington

Last Race of Summer Canoe Season

Canoe clubs from Washington and Oregon get ready for the 2nd Annual Pacific Northwest Outrigger Challenge. The 13 teams from Seattle, Federal Way, Everett, Bellingham, Silverdale and Tri-Cities, Washington, and Bend Pacific City and Portland, Oregon, paddled a 24 mile 9 man changeout & an 18-mile beach changeout. The Outrigger Challenge was hosted by outrigger canoe clubs Tri-Cities OCC, Sail Sandpoint OCC and Kīkaha O Ke Kai OCC. For race results, go to www.pnworca.org. Click here for more photos.


Hau`oli Lā Hānau e Mō`ī Wahine Lili`uokalani

Hawai`i remembers Queen Lili`uokalani on her birthday, September 2, 1838.

Nā Paniolo Nui O Hawai‘i –
The Great Cowboys of Hawai‘i

Aloha Festivals announces its 60th anniversary theme, “Nā Paniolo Nui O Hawai‘i – The Great Cowboys of Hawai‘i,” a tribute to the life, music, spirit, and family of the Hawaiian cowboy, or paniolo.

Mo`olelo O Na Ali`i

Hākau, whose mother Pinea was from Maui, and `Uni were half-brothers. In the last issue of NWHIT, we read about `Umi’s birth and the symbols left by his father Līloa as tokens for identity.

IZ: Voice of The People

The first biography of  the late legendary Hawaiian singer of "Over The Rainbow" was released in Hawaii on August 15, 2006 on the eve of the 10th anniversary of his death.

Da Pidgin Connekshun:
Da Beeg Kahuna…from

Akamai, da buggah. Even heez name, Gary Herrera, u figgah Waipahu High? Lahainaluna? Kaimuki?

Nā Mana`o Ulu Wale

My small contribution of time and energy in Hālawa Valley continues…twenty one days and counting. Recent endeavors include weed eating the banks of the lo`i and `auwai, pulling weeds from the lo`i, and digging up the stumps and roots of small trees growing in unwanted places.

Mister, Can You Spare a Quarter?

One thing I do here at the NWHIT is find that story that is buried under the meaningful news.

Music: New Releases

Every month Gregg reviews newly released Hawaiian CDs. Read about your favorite artist or explore the Hawaiian music scene.

From the Editor

I spent the last Saturday in August at Lake Washington, watching the grand finale of the summer outrigger canoe racing season and what a fabulous day it was. The weather was perfect with sun rays shimmering on the water.

UHAA-PNW Summer Picnic 2006 and
3rd Annual Freshman Sendoff

The University of Hawaii Alumni Association – Pacific Northwest chapter (UHAA-PNW) held its Summer Picnic 2006 and 3rd Annual Freshman Sendoff on Sunday, August 6, 2006 at Enatai Beach Park in Bellevue, Washington.

Kama`aina Profile: Judge Robert Hundley Raymond, Jr

It is said that "the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree"......or "like father, like son"...or "it's in the genes"..........

Tackling Hawaiian Style

“Knock um down, roll um around, come on team, work….work...” and that’s what this group of guys from Hawaii do every evening, four nights a week. They work these 7th and 8th grade boys on the football field really hard to get them ready for this football season.


IT WAS AN AWESOME EVENT ....and the folks came from Florida, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Hawaii, Canada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and California to participate in the 4th Annual Kukui Foundation Workshop and Hoike event at the Red Lion Inn in Vancouver, WA! 

Foodstuffs: Kim Chee & Punahou

I have a confession to make.  I don't like kim chee.  This has been a source of embarrassment throughout many years of hanging out with locals who can't get enough of the stuff.

Do You Remember...?

Swimming at Fort DeRussy ... trying not to get stung by da Portuguese Man-o -War...There was a pier behind the Moana Hotel There was a jungle between the Royal Hawaiian Hotel and Kalakaua.

The UH Warriors

The University of Hawai'i Warriors football team kicks off the 2006 campaign in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on September the 2nd against the Alabama Crimson Tide.

New Hula Competition

The Merrie Monarch Festival that is held in Hilo in April has some competition. The first Moku O Keawe International Festival will take place in November on the other side of Hawai`i Island, at the Waikoloa Beach Resort.

For Da Keiki

Back when I was one small kid, my first exposure to fundraising was Zippy’s Chili, Jerry Lewis telethon and the Carole Kai bedrace. One thing for sure, da people in Hawaii do things differently when it comes to fundraising.

The Events Calendar

Find out about upcoming events in our events calendar!

Old Hawai`i: Pictures from the Past

River Street at the `ewa end of Chinatown in downtown Honolulu.
When? A long time ago! The hills up mauka don't have much on them.

Photo is from the collection of Evelyn Fairleigh, whose father Nolan Clodfelter was in Hawai`i with the Merchant Marines around 1917. He took some pictures and bought others.

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