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September 2008

E ho mai -- A Chant

In the May 2007 edition of the Northwest Hawai`i Times, Roy Alameida wrote the story E mālama o Kaho‘olawe about helping students learn to care for the land of Pauahi (founder of the Kamehameha Schools) in whatever way possible and to continue learning about Hawaiian history, culture, and language. E ho mai is an oli asking permission to enter a place.  It is also asking the ancestors for guidance during whatever learning will take place. 

This E ho mai is chanted by the freshmen (class of 2011) from Hawaiian Culture class and members of Ho`olāhui Pākīpika (Hawaiian Club) at the Kamehameha Schools - Kea`au campus on Hawai`i island where Roy Alameida teaches.

For our first color issue of the paper, here are some earlier photos for you to enjoy!

Click on the thumbnail to read the stories and see a larger photo.



Kīlauea Still Going Strong After 25 Years

Lava Destroys Homes; Vog Endangers Health and Plant Life

Recent activity near Pu`u Kahauale`a at Kīlauea; lava point atop one of the rootless shields.
Lava wells up in a dome fountain and cascades into a drain on the far side of the pond.
Photo from U.S. Dept. of Interior, U.S. Geological Survey, http://hvo.wr.usgs.gov//


Hawaiians Take Cheyenne!

Five working Hawaiian Paniolo from Hawai`i Island ranches led the Waiomina Centennial group to Cheyenne, Wyoming this summer: Sonny Keakealani (Rocking K Ranch), Alvin Kawamoto, Kimo Hoopai (Kehena Ranch), Isaac Kawamoto (Parker Ranch), and Tony Manantan.


Remember the FAIR?

I am writing you from a hotel in Silverdale, WA. No, I’m not performing here. I just realized a few weeks ago that the best way to combat high gas prices was to have kids that are too young to realize that a ferry ride and a 15 minute drive isn’t really traveling.

Northwest Outrigger Paddlers Race in World Championships in California

Eighty-three paddlers representing the nineteen member clubs in the Pacific Northwest Outrigger Racing Canoe Association (PNWORCA) recently traveled to Lake Natoma on the American River in Sacramento, California to challenge the best paddlers in the world at the *World Va`a Outrigger Canoe Sprint Championships, an event organized by the International Va`a Federation founded in Tahiti.


Foodstuffs: I Think I Am Going Bananas!!

The phrase “I think I am going bananas,” reflects how wildly I feel about this fruit. But I am not alone. In the entertainment world, “The Banana Boat Song” by Harry Belafonte told of dockworkers loading bananas.



Music: New Releases

Every month Gregg reviews newly released Hawaiian CDs. Read about your favorite artist, explore the Hawaiian music scene and learn about coming shows.

Children of Maui Benefit from Seattleite’s Generosity

The children of Maui have a friend in Karen Levy. Formerly of West Seattle, Karen moved to Maui 10 years ago and has been living in Kīhei ever since. She regularly returns to Seattle and on her last visit a few weeks ago, she was back to donate the 7th and final medic unit to West Seattle’s Station 32.


From the Editor: Kalakoa

So…how do you like the color? As if we have to ask! Can’t tell you how many photos have been sent in earlier that had us wishing our pepa was in color, but that requires many things, most importantly advertisers who want a color ad. As we’ve been getting inquiries, we finally said, “Shoots, let’s do it!” And here we are.

Hawai`i Ohana Up North

Here is a photo from this summer's Sand in the City, sponsored by the Port of Bellingham.



University of Hawai`i Alumni Association

The University of Hawai`i Alumni Association -- Pacific Northwest Chapter held its annual picnic at Enatai Beach Park in Bellevue, Washington.


The Events Calendar

Find out about upcoming events in our events calendar!

Mo`olelo O Nā Ali`i

Makoa left Kawaihae for Laupāhoehoe to meet Pīna‘au, the ali‘i left in charge by Keawemauhili of Hilo. He relayed Kamehameha’s message of his craving for the smashed sweet potato and the goby fish from the upland streams of Laupāhoehoe, in other words, a declaration of war to avenge the death of his beloved ali‘i.

Kama`āina Profile: Bernie Simeona

Semper Fi...the Few...the Proud...the Marines! He is one of them........
Kanaka Maoli.....Native Hawaiian......He is also one of them.....




TOTALLY AWESOME......... Congrats to Deva Yamashiro and her Kaleinani O Kukui Foundation for still another outstanding “Workshop & Ho`ike” event, this one spanning the mighty Columbia River with workshops conducted the first two days at the Embassy Suites Inn in Portland, OR and the Ho`ike held in the Esther Short Park in Vancouver, WA.

Nā Mana`o Ulu Wale

We (my lovely wahine and I) executed a virtual Hawaiian vacation last month for only about $43.00! Here’s how we did it.

Letter from Beijing

“Wo ai Beijing” is being chanted by many athletes here at the Beijing Olympics. It means “I love Beijing” and I agree. This is my 5th Olympic games as a coach for the Guam swim team, and I bear witness to China’s efforts to show the world what it can do.


NEW NEW NEW Audio Clips

Listen to audio clips from some stories in the Northwest Hawai`i Times. Here's a couple but going get sah mo' bumbye!

Old Hawai`i: Pictures from the Past

Here is Hawai`i's most famous landmark, Kaimana Hila, whose highest peak is Lē`ahi. This photo, taken in 1940, comes from the collection of Maile Jean Elliott in Port Angeles who lived in Hawai`i for many years, and her son Elliott Manning, born in Honolulu, living now in Yakima, Washington.


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