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April 2007

From the Editor...


Rochelle delaCruz

After months of cold and somber days, Spring arrives in the Pacific Northwest with an explosion of green leaves and kalakoa flowers. When we were in Hawai`i, didn’t we take all those blooming plants for granted; in fact, we even looked at some as pests! “Dat yellow ginger takin ovah da whole yard!”

Then we moved up to the Northwest where we had to get used to gray and brown surroundings for half of the year and now would kill for even one small pot of fragrant yellow ginger growing on our front porch. I myself have contemplated mouth-to-mouth resuscitation for the sick orchid and ailing hibiscus languishing in my Seattle house!

One of the things about gloomy winters is that it forces me to stay indoors and brood. In addition to two Seattle newspapers, I also read at least four Hawai`i papers on-line every day and let me tell you, there’s a lot in them to brood over. So rather than keep it to myself, I threw it all together to share with you in my State of Hawai`i article, and now we can brood together. Mahalo for your good company.

But things are perking up because spring begins the season of lū`au and Hawaiian music concerts. This April issue also celebrates the beginning of the fourth year Northwest Hawai`i Times has been in print. And they said we wouldn’t survive. (Who said??!...It might have been us.) Hau`oli lā hānau ! ~RdC

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