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August 2006

From the Editor...


Rochelle delaCruz

As soon as I arrived in Hilo at the beginning of July, I heard about the shootings of wild horses in Waipi`o Valley and the very next day, drove the 40 miles to Honoka`a to attend the first meeting. As I listened to the heated comments at the meetings, I understood that this was truly a Hawaiian story. On the surface it’s about wild horses, but running underneath it was really a story about people. And yet, I didn’t know how to write it until I returned to Seattle and read the on-line feedback in the Hawaii Tribune Herald from readers. With the arrival of well-to-do newcomers in the Islands, these kinds of conflicts are occurring more often and getting angrier. Couple this reality with movements such as sovereignty or OHA’s push for nation building and it becomes clear how rapidly the Islands are changing. Anyone who still believes the old stereotype of happy-go-lucky islanders has their head in the sand. The discord is getting louder and nastier and we’ll be hearing more of it.

But that doesn’t mean there is no good news. The successes of Victoria Tupua and Grant Higa cheer us up and summer fun isn’t over yet with many Hawaiian events in August. And then in September, something to look forward to is the Punahou weekend with student athletes and at the end of that month, the Seattle Mariners’ Baseball Team extends an invitation to all us Hawai`i folks to enjoy one of their games together.

See you there. ~RdC

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