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August 2008

From the Editor...


Rochelle delaCruz

from the editor…

Where's the Water?


If you read the lychee story in Foodstuffs, you know that I just returned from Hilo. I spent the month of July with my spry 91-year old (“91-and –a-half” she likes to remind us!) mother, who still goes for a walk around her Kaumana neighborhood at 5am every morning and works in the yard when it isn’t raining, which was nearly every day I was there and so unlike Hilo. While I did enjoy those hot and sunny days, I kinda missed the rain – after all, isn’t rain one of the reasons I live in Seattle if I can’t live in Hilo? Friends keeping in touch from up here in the not-so-warm Northwest kept asking: No rain in Hilo?? And wondered if the world was coming to an end. But my last couple of days there, it rained steadily just like old times and occasionally, sounding like buckets of water dumped on tin roofs, and we all heaved a sigh of relief that all is well.

While I was home, there was regular reporting on the upcoming Beijing Olympics, so I’m glad that Duane Shimogawa who contributed several stories to Northwest Hawai`i Times in the two years he spent east of the Cascade Mountains, is now a TV reporter on KHNL in Honolulu and wrote the story on Hawai`i’s Olympians. It’s interesting how our small group of islands produces track stars, wrestlers, softball, soccer and volleyball players. I can see how martial arts flourish because of Asian influences (and maybe television coverage at least in Hawai`i will include the judo events which we can all watch on our computers.) But I’m always bemused by the lack of Olympic swimmers and divers from Hawai`i…ey, how come? At least there’s one Olympian from the Islands competing in water polo…not exactly a Hawaiian sport but at least it requires water. Maybe it’s time to lobby the OC to add body-surfing and cannon-ball jumping from the tower as events, and then watch the list of Hawai`i’s Olympic athletes get longer!

A hui hou ~RdC

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