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December 2006

From the Editor...


Rochelle delaCruz

As we’re approaching the end of 2006, I’ve noticed a trend. Many of us from Hawai`i up here on the continent are getting more and more serious about returning to those Islands we love so much. Just from the Northwest Hawai`i Times, Roy Alameida is already back there, contributing to the education of young minds as a teacher at the Kamehameha Schools. Roger Close has been writing from Molokai, as he spends six months on that island helping to restore Hālawa Valley. You know that I also plan to move back. I went home three times this year and will be there again in January. Each visit confirms that Hilo, a place that has a great deal to do with who I am today, is where I need to return to. Oh sure, life up here is fine, but nowhere am I as comfortable in my own skin, as I am in good ole Hilo Hawai`i.

Some of us left the Islands for better opportunities for ourselves and our children, but alarm bells have been ringing as so many of us have moved away, and now there are concerted efforts to help us go back. You’ve seen a few turn up regularly in our newspaper such as Kama`aina Careers, the Kamehameha Schools, OHA’s Kau Inoa and now Inkinen and Associates, all of whom are offering to show us ways to return home. Young people can contribute creative energy and hard work. Us older folks can offer experience and guidance.

It is apparent with every visit that the Islands are changing rapidly and already there are places that don’t feel much like Hawai`i any more. In this age of warped speed, we can’t slow it down, but maybe we can help shape what the future there will look like. Only, we can’t do too much from up here on the continent. So hele mai…come. Let’s help out before it all slips away. ~RdC

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