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February 2007

From the Editor...


Rochelle delaCruz

Fair Winds and Smooth Sailing

Once again I got lucky. I was in Hilo for most of January, planning for my mother’s 90th birthday (among other things) when news of the canoes started spreading. The Alingano Maisu was already moored at Kawaihae since it was built on Hawai`i island, but the Hōkūle`a was making its way to the Big Island to meet up with the Maisu before they both headed out to Mau in Micronesia. Hanging out at the beach, I was able to talk to people who had already delivered supplies and were awaiting the canoes. One of them told us about the 200 cans of sardines he had just donated. Another talked about the small pop-top cans of syrupy peaches on board that the crew knew how many to eat a day in order to maintain their energy. Yet another reported that he knew the canoes wouldn’t be sailing yet because fresh supplies hadn’t been purchased and loaded. There were ceremonies planned at Māhukona and I knew something was happening whenever I saw crowds gathering at these fairly remote spots on Hawai`i island, favored mainly by locals. Part of the excitement was the uncertainty of it all as winds in the `Alenuihāhā Channel between `Upolu and Maui kept delaying departure for almost a week. Finally after proper protocols had been performed at Māhukona and Kaho`olawe, the two canoes set sail, only to return a few hours later to Kealakekua Bay to repair a broken steering paddle. But within a day they were back on track and heading west where we wish them fair winds and smooth sailing.

Many of our readers tell us that they read the Northwest Hawai`i Times “from cover to cover” and that makes us happy. Some of you head straight to Kermet for a good laugh and to Danny for “the latest.” A kumu hula told me that Roy’s mo`olelo confirms for her what she somehow always knew and a well-known Hawaiian musician had high praises for Gregg. We also think you’ll appreciate what Roger Close writes about this month because after a trip back home, many of you have expressed similar sentiments. The great divide that Senator Akaka refers to in his renewed quest for federal recognition is already happening and perhaps in these troubled times, fair winds and smooth sailing might be too much to hope for. ~RdC

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