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February 2008

From the Editor...


Rochelle delaCruz

from the editor…

Island Values  

Aloha Pepeluali which I’m sure you’ve guessed means February. It’s the birth month of Kamehameha IV, whose short life is recounted by Roy Alameida. It’s also the death month of Captain James Cook, first Westerner to document contact with the Hawaiians in 1778 and subsequently killed at Ka`awaloa, on Kealakekua Bay on February 14th. If you want to know more about the stunning end of this British sea captain, you should go to Samuel Manaiakalani Kamakau to read his version of the historical event. And Pepeluali is also time for the Grammy music awards—mahalo to Gregg who gives us much food for thought.

Several local themes came together in this issue. First: loyalty, an island value exemplified in Steve Kajihiro’s story of UH Warrior fans at the Sugar Bowl, in Howard Wiig’s remembrance of Kent Bowman, and in Danny’s profile of Garry Naipo. Next: generosity, from Vernie Watson who sent so many recipes for Foodstuffs that we had to print them in two parts, and Dale Parks who brought a Hawaiian paddle home to the Islands, proving once again that aloha is alive and well up here on the Continent. And finally: mālama `āina with Mizu Sugimura’s front page story of concern over the sad fate of the monkey pod trees on Kaua`i.

You will notice a photo to go with the name of Roger Close, whose thoughtful columns have been faithfully appearing in NW Hawai`i Times for over a year and a half. Roger’s popular articles also capture these shared, local values and we thought it was time to ask this Kāne`ohe boy to formally join the staff. Kermet was especially thrilled, saying “I am no longer lowest seniority. Now I won't have to work weekends and Christmas anymore.”

It is a lot of effort but we have good fun putting this paper together, and we greatly appreciate your contributions and comments. ~RdC

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