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From the Editor...


Rochelle delaCruz

March 2009 -- I knew this day would come; I just didn’t know when. In 2003 when we started planning da pepa, I always said such a project would require serious effort and commitment. I pledged at least five years, because that is the kind of time needed for something of this scope.

February 2009 -- At the college where I teach, students (and teachers) always hit a wall right around now. It’s the second month of the new year (so the thrill is gone,) the middle of winter (cold, rain maybe even snow,) everybody’s sick (ya need a cough drop?) mid-quarter (only halfway?!)… the doldrums.

January 2009 -- 2008 turns into 2009…how did this happen so quickly? But let’s be grateful that we can leave 2008 behind – I know of no one who wants to remain in that sorry year that ended with the highest of highs (the election of a new president who offers hope) but the lowest of lows (financial crises affecting everyone.)

December 2008 -- President Barack Obama. That has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? And not because Obama was born and grew up in Hawai`i – that has nothing much to do with it. Oh sure, we’re proud that he spent formative years in the Islands and graduated from high school there, but that was never the reason to vote for him.

November 2008 -- Sometimes the planets align, which is what happened this month. Since the first whales of the season were recently reported off Maui, I thought that would make a good lead story because not only do whales migrate to the Hawaiian Islands during the winter months, so do many of us humans.

October 2008 -- These are exciting times! Not only because of all the Hawai`i-related events that are taking place but because of the upcoming election.

September 2008 -- So…how do you like the color? As if we have to ask! Can’t tell you how many photos have been sent in earlier that had us wishing our pepa was in color, but that requires many things, most importantly advertisers who want a color ad. As we’ve been getting inquiries, we finally said, “Shoots, let’s do it!” And here we are.

August 2008 -- I spent the month of July with my spry 91-year old (“91-and –a-half” she likes to remind us!) mother, who still goes for a walk around her Kaumana neighborhood at 5am every morning and works in the yard when it isn’t raining, which was nearly every day I was there and so unlike Hilo.

July 2008 -- Things are supposed to slow down a bit over the summer but not this month. It seemed that stories were popping up everywhere…which is why you’re wading through waiwi, parades and trash on our front page.

June 2008 -- Everyone is impacted by escalating airfare, but we Hawai`i people are especially affected, since flying to the Islands is not only our main way of travel, it’s really our only way. People from other states – even Alaska – have the choice of driving home...

May 2008 -- Now that it’s May I think we can finally celebrate some warm weather, although around Puget Sound, we were all a bit confused at the end of April when we got dumped with a big surprise snowstorm, confounding not only the trees and flowers that were happily blooming, but us folks too.

April 2008 -- Is it `Apelila (April) already? This month we’re especially happy to be reporting on the many ways Hawai`i people are making an impact up here on the continent.

March 2008 -- It was Uncle Danny Kaopuiki who put us in touch with Chris Mahelona, who then sent me the website for Ka Ohana O Kalaupapa along with a copy of the bill sponsored by U.S. Representative Mazie Hirono. (It passed shortly after we started working on this issue.)

February 2008 -- Aloha Pepeluali which I’m sure you’ve guessed means February. It’s the birth month of Kamehameha IV, whose short life is recounted by Roy Alameida. It’s also the death month of Captain James Cook, first Westerner to document contact with the Hawaiians in 1778 and subsequently killed at Ka`awaloa, on Kealakekua Bay on February 14th.

January 2008 -- Hau`oli Makahiki Hou…from Hilo! We decided to make another fast trip back to the Islands for the holidays. After the big storm and flooding in the Pacific Northwest in December, we thought a little warm weather and sunshine would do us good, but HAH!

December 2007 -- Amazing how quickly the year passes. Here we are, wishing each other Mele Kalikimaka again, so soon! At Northwest Hawai`i Times, we saw our circle widen over the past year.

November 2007 --We hope you are enjoying our November issue, a month when we always honor the birth of Kalākaua, the last male monarch of Hawai`i who did much to restore some of the Hawaiian traditions that had gone underground because of suppression by outside forces.

October 2007 -- With Fall comes…football…what else? I know it’s not only a male thing because I have a few female friends who are devoted to that contact sport. But it’s still a baffling game to me, mainly because I can’t figure out those calls that the umpires make.

September 2007 -- Aloha from Hilo, where in the span of one week, we experienced: hurricane warnings, two earthquakes, a tsunami, brush fires and lava flows!

August 2007 -- As August brings summer to a full boil, you’ll find some of us (like me) in the Islands. Around this time is when I hele on to Hilo and if you’ve ever been there, you know it’s a good place to kick back with friends and family, wala`au, eat, sleep, holoholo.

July 2007 -- As we’re in the middle of our summer travel season, things are popping. For us island people, transportation is a key issue.

June 2007 -- I spent an evening listening to Hawaiian musicians at the Northwest Folklife Festival and their music is still singing in my ears!

May 2007 -- Maybe the holiday season is the busiest for you, but for us here in the Northwest, it’s Spring. This is when all the music and dancing starts.

April 2007 -- After months of cold and somber days, Spring arrives in the Pacific Northwest with an explosion of green leaves and kalakoa flowers. When we were in Hawai`i, didn’t we take all those blooming plants for granted; in fact, we even looked at some as pests! “Dat yellow ginger takin ovah da whole yard!”

March 2007 -- There was no grand plan to focus this month on the Pacific Ocean; it just turned out that way.

February 2007 -- Once again I got lucky. I was in Hilo for most of January, planning for my mother’s 90th birthday (among other things) when news of the canoes started spreading.

January 2007 -- Another year has come and gone and for us here in the Pacific Northwest, I think it’s safe to say we’re happy to bid aloha to 2006.

December 2006 -- As we’re approaching the end of 2006, I’ve noticed a trend. Many of us from Hawai`i up here on the continent are getting more and more serious about returning to those Islands we love so much.

November 2006 -- Like many of you, I spent the Sunday of the 6.7 earthquake in front of my television, watching for news and images following the BIG one.

October 2006 -- I was in Hilo for a couple of weeks in September and read, watched and listened to the final weeks of campaigning for Hawai`i ’s primary elections. Sometimes primaries are boring, but not this year, when Ed Case challenged Dan Akaka for his Senate seat, based on age.

September 2006 -- I spent the last Saturday in August at Lake Washington, watching the grand finale of the summer outrigger canoe racing season and what a fabulous day it was. The weather was perfect with sun rays shimmering on the water.

August 2006 -- As soon as I arrived in Hilo at the beginning of July, I heard about the shootings of wild horses in Waipi`o Valley and the very next day, drove the 40 miles to Honoka`a to attend the first meeting.

July 2006 -- Summer got off to a rousing start with a flurry of political events that could greatly effect change in Hawai`i.

June 2006 -- June is the month of celebrations and we have quite a few to report.

May 2006-- Aloha from Hilo, where I spent the month of April. It was an unusually wet month all over the island chain, and in Hilo it was cold as well (if you consider early morning temperatures of 60º cold. I know you’re all rolling your eyes, but let me tell you when you’re in Hawai`i, that’s COLD!)

April 2006 -- Aloha kākou. With this April issue, we celebrate the second year that Northwest Hawai`i Times has been in print, and we’re still having fun!

March 2006 -- I was thinking about all the issues raised by Gregg Porter’s story regarding HARA and the Na Hōkū Hanohano awards.

February 2006 -- I’ve been paying attention to the Hui Mālama story for quite a while and for several reasons.

December 2005 -- Does it seem that the holiday season shows up earlier and earlier?

September 2005 -- I was in Hilo when the ruling against the Kamehameha Schools came in. Like many others in Hawai`i, I was stunned.

August 2005 -- Aloha kākou from Kahului, where I’m among at least a dozen of us from Pacific Northwest hālau attending the hula conference. What excitement, where the days begin with hula practice at 7:15am (but with Keali`i, so who minds?)

July 2005 -- Last month’s story and editorial of Kamehameha: An Amazing American? brought in a flurry of comments and emails.

June 2005 -- For Hawai`i’s people, June is the month to celebrate King Kamehameha. Those of us from the islands whether or not we are Native Hawaiian, know all about this great man.

January 2005 -- This is normally a happy time for us all as we pack up the old year and turn toward the new, but not this year, with the tsunami tragedy in the Indian Ocean.

October 2004 -- Aloha kākou from Hilo, where I spent three precious weeks between the September issue of the Northwest Hawai`i Times and this October one.

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