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July 2005

From the Editor...


Rochelle delaCruz

Last month’s story and editorial of Kamehameha: An Amazing American? brought in a flurry of comments and emails. One reader wondered if we were being anti-American. Another informed us that any immigrant who falsely claims to be an American can go to jail, so how curious it is that this historic Hawaiian icon can get so easily cloaked in citizenship. Another islander just said, “Saaaaaaah!” and others thought we should simply ask that it be removed. Then in an email, Dee Jay Mailer, CEO of the Kamehameha Schools in Hawai`i, listed all the inaccuracies about the king made by the Library of Congress website and invited us to join them to try to change it. So for all who agree that King Kamehameha is seriously misrepresented on the list of Amazing Americans, let’s write to Hawaii’s legislators in Washington to help get it changed.

I’m glad that I wasn’t the only one surprised by Kamehameha’s inclusion on this Library of Congress list. But this is not about being anti-anything; it’s about perspective and how the world looks different to many of us who come from those remote islands in the middle of the Pacific. One of the goals of this newspaper is to acknowledge this alternate view that islanders have.

On another note as I was doing final proofing of this month’s paper, I noticed a constant theme of awards and celebrations. First of all, congratulations to all who just graduated! It’s a big accomplishment and one that we’re happy to help celebrate by printing your photos. The students from Oregon up to their ears in lei will surely bring memories of our own graduations in Hawai`i Nei.

Then came the fabulous news from down south on I-5, of one of our talented transplants who just won the contract with Hula Records. I have heard his beautiful voice singing one of his own compositions and let me just say that Kaloku Holt is on his way! It’s always nice to see our young people get ahead.

The happy photo of the winners in the canoe regatta in Silverdale made me smile, a reminder that this win was the result of long practice and hard work by those paddlers. But it also shows what some of us are doing to maintain island culture here in the Northwest, and that warms the heart.

And then there’s Bryan Clay – solid as always and back in the news again after his 2004 Silver Medal Olympic victory last summer. Is it too soon to be talking about Gold? We don’t think so but ssssshhhhh…. let’s lay low and just enjoy the ride.

I was also pleased to learn about the arrival of Honolulu theater director and educator John Wat who is here for the summer to teach students interested in drama. Such dedication to learning and development can only produce good results.

All in all, this has been a good start to the summer of 2005, with evidence everywhere that hard work pays off. ~RdC

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