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October 2006

From the Editor...


Rochelle delaCruz

I was in Hilo for a couple of weeks in September and read, watched and listened to the final weeks of campaigning for Hawai`i ’s primary elections. Sometimes primaries are boring, but not this year, when Ed Case challenged Dan Akaka for his Senate seat, based on age. Of course he didn’t always say it directly, telling voters instead that he, Case, was “energetic”, and wondering aloud where would Hawai`i be should anything happen to either of its senior senators. It was an interesting scenario with a brash upstart challenging a likeable kupuna. Case’s end run appeared maha`oi and many of us wondered if it had finally come to this, a cultural shift where Mainland worship of youth had overtaken Hawaiian respect of elders. But ah, no…not yet anyway. Besides, voters were more akamai than that and while age may have played a role, they ultimately made their choices based on where the candidates stood regarding the war on Iraq.

But youth can hold a promise that gives us hope and when I learned of APICAT and the upcoming NW Keiki Hula and `Ukulele Festival, I got excited, especially when I read about the dedication and commitment of these youth groups. We need to support them because after all, these are the young people who will eventually take over and change the world.

A hui hou ~RdC

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