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October 2007

From the Editor...


Rochelle delaCruz

from the editor…

Not Just a Contact Sport

With Fall comes…football…what else? I know it’s not only a male thing because I have a few female friends who are devoted to that contact sport. But it’s still a baffling game to me, mainly because I can’t figure out those calls that the umpires make. An arm roll and pointing down the field…what’s that? I know the one with two arms up in the air but that’s about it. Still I admit it’s fun to sit in the middle of all the excitement. When I was a student at the University of Washington, one of my favorite activities was Husky football games, and what a treat it was to be part of the roaring crowd.

Add to the picture a team doing something like a war chant and yes, I can see why the fans go wild! So when Steve Kajihiro said he was going to the game in Las Vegas, I asked if he could try to get a picture of the Warriors doing the haka (now called ha`a.) And what a fine photo he took eh? Mahalo to the University of Hawai`i Warriors for their energy and coordination, and to Steve for capturing it. I’d go to a UH game just to watch them do the ha`a.

I heard about the controversy while I was still in Hilo, but all kinds of controversies were popping up during my time in Hilo, not just the haka, but Ahu`ena Heiau and the Superferry.

There’s much of great importance with far reaching implications going on back home. We’ll try to keep up with it. ~RdC

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