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October 2008

From the Editor...


Rochelle delaCruz

from the editor…

Elections and Ice Shave

These are exciting times! Not only because of all the Hawai`i-related events that are taking place but because of the upcoming election. I bet you’re as glued to your TV as much as I am – never watched so much news in all my life. And when my sports fan husband reads the front page first before the sports page, I know these can’t be ordinary times. I don’t remember ever being this interested in a presidential race and it’s not just because one of the candidates is from Hawai`i. In fact he hardly talks about Hawai`i at all, and there’s a new book out mentioned in this issue that offers some explanations. But even if Barack Obama weren’t from Hawai`i, I’d be excited. With all the twists and turns of the campaign over the past 12 months, it’s been just too riveting! But it ain’t over till it’s over, so be sure to take that final step and VOTE.

We were among the multitudes who went to Seattle Center for Live Aloha and…wow! Not only did the planners outdo themselves with music, dancing, workshops and food, but the day was perfect - warm with clear blue skies that still felt like summer. A good day for ice shave (that’s what we call it in Hilo) and that shave ice truck was cranking it out non-stop to their never-ending line! {sigh} I could have almost been at Itsu’s back home – the day was hot and the ice was cold. I even had on rubbah slippahs and my favorite pāpale with the dried tī leaf lei and coconut fish pin…only difference is I nevah jes come from da beeech!

Congratulations and Big Aloha to all the hard-working people who made it happen and mahalo to the Seattle Center for hosting us. It’s always good when our Hawai`i community can come together, especially because we’re so far from home. ~RdC

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