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September 2007

From the Editor...


Rochelle delaCruz

from the editor…

Aloha from Hilo, where in the span of one week, we experienced: hurricane warnings, two earthquakes, a tsunami, brush fires and lava flows! Perhaps that sounds too dire, so here are the details: the hurricane? Veered elsewhere. Earthquakes? One was 5.4 on the Richter but no serious damage was recorded. Yes, there was a tsunami as a result of the devastating earthquake in Peru, but by the time it got to Hilo Bay, it was only about fourteen inches high (didn’t even know you could call that a tsunami). There wereindeed brush fires blowing down the Kohala Mountains toward Waimea but thankfully extinguished before they reached any of the houses. And at this moment, lava from a recent fissure off Pu`u O`o, (the eruption that has been continuing for the past 25 years) is creeping toward new subdivisions in Puna but so far everyone has been warned to stay calm and stay put.

It may seem that some of us from the Big Island are a little too blasé when it comes to natural disasters, but this is simply because they are a part of our lives. And while we may appear cool and collected, we know that the forces of nature are to be taken seriously. From the time we’re in kindergarten we practice earthquake as well as fire drills. We experience regular flooding during the rainy season and constantly hear flash flood warnings for Hilo, Kā`u and the Hāmākua Coast. I carry with me the memory of two killer tsunami that leveled downtown Hilo and watched as hot lava consumed communities in Kapoho and Kalapana.

But even I have to confess that all of this happening over a week’s time was kind of odd. And of course, that it took place one after the other right when we arrived on the Big Island made us wonder how we got to be so “lucky.” Ey, welcome home.

While it’s true that this is a quiet island with very little night time entertainment, there’s still plenny action here! Only maybe not da kine you were looking for. ~RdC

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