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September 2008

From the Editor...


Rochelle delaCruz

from the editor…


So…how do you like the color? As if we have to ask! Can’t tell you how many photos have been sent in earlier that had us wishing our pepa was in color, but that requires many things, most importantly advertisers who want a color ad. As we’ve been getting inquiries, we finally said, “Shoots, let’s do it!” And here we are. We’ll try to stay in color now that we’ve taken the leap, but it’s really only a baby leap – color on four pages, but ey, maybe later we can do more. You can help out by patronizing all those businesses that advertise with us because we couldn’t do any of this without them. Nor without you.

And what about that volcano photo? While I was in Hilo, there were not only daily updates on lava viewing, movement and vog alerts, but spectacular pictures that kept turning up on the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory website. I started to think maybe it was Tutu Pele who would provide us with our first color front page photo, which she did – Mahalo Tutu!

Growing up with a volcano gives you an outlook that you don’t much think about until you hear people say things such as: “Let’s bomb it!” I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. It reminds me of a story my father used to tell about World War II and how the U.S. army had everyone cover their windows with black paper so enemy planes couldn’t see any targets at night. Which islanders dutifully did, and then… Mauna Loa erupted. Ey enemy planes - right HEAH!! (The planes never came and anyway, what was there to bomb on Hawai`i island?) Much later when lava was flowing toward Hilo from a different eruption, there was another suggestion to drop bombs on the flow in order to divert it. Bombing seems to be a favorite tactic and naturally locals just snickered because what we know is…you don’t mess with the volcano. Pele does what she wants and the smartest thing for us pitiful mortals to do is nothing except get out of the way. “Build a dome over it” or “Fill it with concrete.”…Auwe pupule.

And by the way, the lava flow never reached Hilo so on that cheery note, see you next month. ~RdC

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