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March 2009

Story -- ULU! The Wonders of Breadfruit
Recipes -- Breadfruit Cake Recipe; Breadfruit Chips; Breadfruit Tuna Patties; Baked Breadfruit


February 2009

Story -- Opposites Do Attract!
Recipes -- Goya Champlu; Li Hing Mui Chocolate Fudge
Sue's Squash

January 2009

Story -- Infamous SPAM
Recipes -- SPAM Musubi I; SPAM Musubi II; Grandma's Easy Chow Fun; SPAM Fried Rice; Summer Noodle Skillet

December 2008

Story -- Ode to Fruitcake
Recipes -- Fruitcake Cookies

November 2008

Story -- Papaya Ecstasy!
Recipes -- Papaya Seed Dressing; Smoothie; Puna Upside Down Cake; Papaya Marmalade

October 2008

Story -- Pupu for Football Games
Recipes -- Stir Fry Noodles in "Inari" Sushi Cone; Mochiko Chicken

September 2008

Story -- I Think I Am Going Bananas!
Recipes -- Banana Pancakes; Banana Fritters; Banana Cream Pie; Banana Nut Bread; Banana Muffins


August 2008

Story -- Lychee
Recipes -- Almond Float; Stuffed Lychee


July 2008

Story -- Cake Walk
Recipes -- Aunty Frani’s *Liliko`i Cake, Fruit Upside-Down Cake, Nani’s Jello Cake, Dump Cake, 7-Up Cake


June 2008

Story -- Mango Memory
Recipes -- Michele's Mango Cake

April 2008

Story -- Coffee Heaven
Recipes -- Kona Roast, Kona Coffee Ice, Kona Coffee Cream Pie, Kona Coffee Soufflé


March 2008

Story -- Mochi Mania
Recipes -- Nian Gao; Microwave Gao (Easy); JACL Cookbook Mochi; Mochi


February 2008

Story -- Vernie's Vonderful Vecipes, Part 2
Recipes -- Salmon Tofu Patties, Salmon with Crab Stuffing, Portugese Style Fish, Bibim Gook Soo, Mandarin Orange Square Delight


January 2008

Story -- Vernie's Vonderful Vecipes, Part 1
Recipes -- Poi Puffs, Ono Soybeans, Baked Drumettes with Miso Peanut Butter, Royal Bibingca, Pineapple Coffee Cake


December 2007

Story -- Fruit and Fruitcake; The Miracle of Mui
Recipes -- Lemon Glazed Persimmon Cookies; Leona's Fruitcake

November 2007

Story -- Easy as Pie
Recipes -- Double Crust Coconut Pie; Two Crust Mango Pie; Purple Sweet Potato and Haupia Pie; Shortbread Crust, `ono especially with Sweet Potato-Haupia Pie


October 2007

Story -- Beef Tahng, a Chinese Dish
Recipes -- Beef Tongue

September 2007

Story -- Poke Contest and Hawaiian Festival a Big Success
Recipes -- Lemongrass Dry Soda Spritzer; Northwest Style Ahi Poke

August 2007

Story -- Summertime in the Northwest: PŪLEHU
Recipes -- Stir-Fry Beef Rolls


July 2007

Story -- Pupule Pineapple
Recipes -- Pineapple Nut Bars


June 2007

Story --Liliko`i: A Passion Fruit
Recipes -- Basic Liliko`i Syrup; Passion Fruit Sherbet; Liliko`i Chiffon Pie; Liliko`i Salad Dressing

May 2007

Story -- Beef Jerky
Recipe -- Sue Suenishi's Beef Jerky

April 2007

Story -- Hot Stuff!; `Ono Kine Food Tips
Recipe -- Chili Pepper Water; Aunti Hattie's (Chung Ji) Rum (Korean hot meat); Auntie Hattie's Taegu; Kalua Long Rice

March 2007

Story -- Spam
Recipe -- Spam Fried Rice

February 2007

Story -- Bittermelon
Recipe -- Bittermelon with Black Beans with Ground Pork; Bittermelon Namasu; Champuru--Okinawan Bittermelon Dish; Miso and Bittermelon; Stuffed Bittermelon with Pork Hash


January 2007

Story -- Where's the J-E-L-L-O??
Recipe -- Aunty Hattie’s Neopolitan Dessert; Aunty Ruby’s Mandarin Orange Jello; Nana's No-Melt Jello; Yogurt-Jello Salad; Haupia Coconut Jello

December 2006

Story -- Kimo's Kabocha
Recipe -- Kabocha Pumpkin Soup

November 2006

Story -- Guava Season!
Recipe -- Guava Jelly; Guava Chiffon Pie; Guava Egg Nog; Guava Gelatin; Guava Kanten

October 2006

Story -- Interview with Blane Maebo and the One-Ton Chip
Recipe -- Won Bok Salad Dressing

September 2006

Story -- Kim Chee & Punahou
Recipe -- Kim Chee Dip; Punahou Caramel Cuts


August 2006

Story -- Sour Lemon; One-Ton Chips Are Back!
Recipe -- Sour Lemon; Sandy's Prune/Apricot Seed; Chinese Sweet Lime; Kumquat/Calamandan Preserve; Won Ton Pi Salad

July 2006

Story -- Poi, `Ohana, and the Ko`olau Mountains; Myths Dispelled
Recipe -- Mrs. Nakoa's Oven Kalua Pig; Chicken Hekka

June 2006

Story -- Bamboo, Ferns and Shoots

May 2006

Story -- Pūpū Party
Recipe -- Miso Grilled Chicken; Portugese Sausage Breakfast Patties; Cucumber Kim Chee

April 2006

Story -- Daikon Emergency
Recipe -- Tripe Stew

March 2006

Story -- A Hot Stop in Cool Waimea, Twelve Trees Project
Recipe -- Max's Version of Curried Seafood with Vegetables from Waimea, Lime-Tequila Cheviche

February 2006

Story -- `Opihi
Recipe -- Da Kine Poke Supreme

January 2006

Story -- The Esmeles at KMC; Kimo's Tips
Recipe -- Broccoli on Prawns' Back; Fried Lumpia; Pipi Kaula; Toasted Coconut Chips; Exotic Chicken Livers

December 2005

Story -- Holiday Ears
Recipe -- Pig Ears

November 2005

Story -- Mrs. Ohachi's Tsukemono; Island Style Thanksgiving
Recipe -- Mrs. Ohachi's Tsukemono; Korean Cucumbers; Takuan; Pickled Eggplant

October 2005

Story -- Jackpot
Recipes -- Kook Soo, Sweet Sour Crispy Fish, Fish Cake, Korean Style Squid

September 2005

Story -- Meals-on-Wheels, Local Style; So I like imu da pig...but where am I gonna find

Recipes -- Spicy Eggplant

August 2005

Story -- Chicken Long Rice
Recipes -- Chicken Long Rice

July 2005

Story -- Broke Da Mout, Volume II; Shoyu
Recipes -- Shoyu Chicken; Hekka

June 2005

Story -- Broke Da Mout Spare Ribs; The Best Cook in the World
Recipes -- Sweet Sour Spareribs; Chinese Pickle

May 2005

Story -- Kalua Pig
Recipes -- Kalua Pig in a Crockpot; Kalua Pig

April 2005

Story -- Where There’s Smoke, There’s Arare
Recipes -- Ka`imioka`ono’s Arare Clusters; Arare

March 2005

Story -- Penelope’s Pursuit of Plate Lunch
Recipes -- Macaroni Salad; Phyllis's Very Green Salad

February 2005

Story -- Nuts!
Recipes -- Chocolate Tart with Crunchy Macadamia Nut Crust; Macadamia Nut Mauna Kea Snow Balls

January 2005

Story -- New Year’s Day in a Japanese Home in Hawai`i
Recipes -- Nishime; Mixed Vegetable Namasu

December 2004

Story --Terry's Korean Chicken Wings
Recipes -- Terry's Korean Chicken Wings

November 2004

Story -- Thanksgiving; Mochi Chicken
Recipes -- Mochi Chicken; Jook

October 2004

Story -- Memories
Recipes -- Strawberry Parfait Pie; Nimame

September 2004

Story -- Coconut; Haupia
Recipes -- Haupia; Fresh Coconut Pie; Fresh Coconut Cookies

August 2004

Story -- Smart Talk
Recipes -- Aunty Hattie's Malasadas; Aunty Hattie's Saboolege

July 2004

Story -- When Life Gives You Mangoes; Warm Poi
Recipes -- Mango Bread

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