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August 2007




Summertime in the Northwest
(or Anytime in Hawai`i)

From Jackson Kawewehi


RdC: I was thinking that one of our Northwest summertime food columns should include Jackson with the beef wrap...something about pūlehu, or grilling, which in Hawai`i we do all year long. And then I thought: who better to ask other than Jackson Kawewehi from Kalihi (Farrington HS) who now lives in Reno, Nevada? Many of you remember Jackson’s classic tripe stew recipe in Foodstuffs from a few years ago (on the website now - click on April 2006.) As soon as pūlehu came to mind, so did Jackson. Here’s his gem of a recipe:

Wow…I'm happy to know that plenty people come from Hawaii Nei who read the Northwest Hawai`i Times.  Regardless of what kine blood we have, we share our good `ONO food with everyone.  The recipe I'm submitting today will look like "Maki Sushi" without the "Nori", but instead held by a magic stick we call a bamboo skewer.  The following ingredients can be altered to your liking and taste.  Use anything you like, but here are my basic ingredients.



The Magic Stick....Bamboo Skewers - cut 3-4 inches long and soak in water.

Beef Wrap

Round roast or Tri-Tip (have butcher slice 1/4 inch or less)
1 part Aloha Shoyu, (or your choice)
3/4 part water
Sugar (depending on your taste)
Julienne and crush some ginger

Mix shoyu, water, sugar and ginger together.  Be sure that the sugar is dissolved completely.  Marinate beef for at least 4 hours or more, rotating regularly.  The idea is like making barbeque meat.

NOTE:  Make enough shoyu mix for basting at the final touch.

Stir -Fry

Yakisoba Stir-Fry Noodles (Fortune Brand)
Carrots, julienne small size
Cabbage, chopped small squares
Imitation crab meat, cut about 1/4 inch
Shoyu, Aloha (optional)

No rules on what you want to use with your noodles.  I use 3 package noodles at first and make more depending on amount of beef wrap I have.  Place and fry noodles in wok or large pan until noodles are loosen.  Add powder that comes with the noodles and shoyu.  Add and mix your favorite vegetable, cook (don't over-cook your veggies) and place on the side until the beef wrap is done.

Now grill all your beef wrap. Good if you use charcoal hibachi, but in America, we use propane grill.  First side you grill near to papa'a (burnt) and the second side, very light.  The noodle filling is going on the light side.



Place a beef wrap on flat surface (light side up), grab some noodle mix and place on wrap about 1 inch from edge.  The amount of noodles means your thickness after you roll the wrap around the noodles.  After making the first roll and you're satisfied, skewer with bamboo to hold in place.  After you make all your rolls, baste on outside of the roll (papa`a side) with the extra shoyu mix and place on the grill for a quick grilling. Baste and pretend you grilled long time the second time on the grill. 

Cut and serve with pickle ogo, daikon, kimchee or anything you like....Enjoy

Aloha... Jackson

Photos from Jackson Kawewehi

NOTE:  Haole see papa'a and say...no good it's burned, but the local say…oh wow plenty for us!

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