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December 2004

Terry's Korean Chicken Wings

Terry Uemura

I, like you, love all the ethnic kine kau kau in Hawaii.  Unfortunately I no can cook 'em all!  I remember in college my loving mom sent to her starving son some of those church recipe books.   Utah just did not have too many local kine eating places back then.  And the one place that had local Hawai`i style food used spaghetti noodles for their chow mein. It just wasn't the same as back home.  I lived in a house with all local guys and we took turns cooking dinner for everybody.  I would try to cook things that my mom cooked back home and this book really helped.  I remember craving the taste of Korean Chicken wings and made it several times.  But back then I just marinated chicken thighs in the sauce and grilled it on the hibachi and served it as a main course...like teriyaki chicken a la yobo.  All the guys loved it.  Since then I have experimented with the recipe and today it is a trophy-winning recipe.  Ask the Hawaii General Store's momona lady about that story.  

As you know we often times don't measure things; we just do it by taste and how it looks.  So do your version to how you like the intensity of the flavors.  I do this as pupus so I use the chicken wings.

5 lbs chicken wings - The night before, cut at bone between the drummettes and the other part.  No need the tips so use the tips for make broth or whatever.  Sprinkle black pepper and Johnny's Seasoning (the big bottle from Costco no more Ajinomoto - MSG inside) generously over wing parts then and shake in a bag with white flour.  Shake off access flour, cover and overnight in refrigerator.  The next day shake in cornstarch. (I like how that makes it more crispy).  Shake off excess cornstarch.

Oil - Heat oil to high temperature.  Fry wings until golden brown but not too pa pa'a.  My sister Lorna (the Betty Crocker of our family) freezes her wings until she needs them.   

Dipping Sauce

2 cups Aloha Shoyu
1 1/2 cups white sugar, start with less sugar and add more to your taste.  
2 to 3 or even 4 Tbl diced garlic.  Dice as small as you can.  But add to your own taste.  I really think this is why Korean women look so young and beautiful!  Plenty garlic!  
1 bunch green onions, about 4 to 5 stalks.  Slice into rings.  Again, add as much as you like. 
1 to 2 Hawaiian chili peppers.  Chop up as small as you can.  (If you like Hawaiian chili pepper, ask me - I get dried frozen kine I can share.  Lucy, Rita and Coleen said their Hawaiian chili pepper plants had over 100 peppers this year!  I told them to water with rice water when they rinse their rice.)
1/2 to 1 tsp sesame oil.  

Put all ingredients in a mayonnaise jar, put on KC and the Sunshine Band record and shake it up!         

Don't dip fried wings in sauce until just before you serve. 

Sprinkle toasted sesame seeds and more green onions. 

So after you try this recipe let me know if you look younger.

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