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August 2006


It's not a very big place.....but then dreams often start in little places.  This place is called Cafe Hawaii (in the Parkland, WA area) and per lovely Lynelle Paranada: "This place is my Dad's dream and our entire family is helping make it come true for him!" Dad is Edgar Paranada (Kohala/Big Island guy, Kohala HS grad), a really nice, big-hearted/gentle guy who had never been in the restaurant business until January 24, 2006 when he decided to live his dream and opened up Cafe Hawaii.  Edgar says mahalo to all who have helped make the first six months both fun and successful for Cafe Hawaii and the Paranada Ohana. Mom is Tina Victorino Paranada (McKinley HS) The rest of the Paranada Ohana besides Lynelle (almost done getting her degree in accounting at Green River CC) include Travis, Zachern and Isaiah Paranada and Hailey Bonifacio, all of whom have their respective jobs in the restaurant.  Other smiling faces you'll see when you walk in include Kamakani Victorino and Kai Apo.  The Cafe Hawaii hamburger steak is really ono and their malasadas are the best I've had in the Pacific NW so far.  The first few years are the most difficult for new restaurants so I'm sure the Cafe Hawaii staff would love to have you all drop in! From I-5, take the Hiway 512 exit going east, turn right on Pacific Avenue and Cafe Hawaii will be on your left a few miles down the road....go enjoy!

Aloha to Mary Buza Sims! I did a Profile column of Mary a few months ago, telling about how her career in the education field began when the Catholic Church on Kaua`i recognized her potential and assisted her through high school and at Seattle University. Mary then had a distinguished career as an educator/first Hawaiian school principal in the Seattle area.  The circle is now complete as Mary has returned to Kaua`i to be a school principal!  Our best wishes for every success Mary........we'll miss you!

One of my favorite people is Sweetie Camacho...tremendous talents (hula dancer supreme; great singer/bass player; excellent volleyball player/coach, etc) but mostly a very warm and loving person! A year ago Sweetie was diagnosed with cancer and had surgery/chemo/the works and all who knew her were very concerned about her well being!  But, mahalo ke Akua, she is healthy and smiling again.  At the July 5, 2006 Mai Kahiki Mai event in Auburn, WA Sweetie gave me a big hug and I heard her voice for the first time in nearly a year (part of her surgery damaged her vocal chords).  The most heart warming thing was seeing Sweetie on stage doing one of her unique, inimitable, kolohe kine hula dance that had the audience roaring with laughter and approval! Welcome back Sweetie...you da best! The Mai Kahiki Mai event was an artistic success, the program was excellent overall and the three participating groups (from Las Vegas and California and Pearl City, HI) all seemed to enjoy themselves immensely......but it would have been so much nicer if more of our local Hawaiian community had participated in or attended the two day event...maybe next year? I met a bunch of new folks at Mai Kahiki Mai including Roosevelt HS grad Linda Broadgate who is a key part of the NW Hawaii Ohana group in Bellingham, WA . Linda wanted me to invite everyone to the NW Hawaii Ohana's Ho`olaule`a scheduled for October 14, 2006 in Bellingham, WA. From "southern WA" (Longview and Olympia) were folks like Olivia Hegwine (Farrington HS) and Susan Corrales Durch (from Hailemaile, Maui; St Anthony HS in Wailuku) and Kahala Ringgold (Sacred Hearts Academy) and Carmela Maka Long (Castle HS).

Last month I talked about "da stranger named Roy " who stole the show at a Kona Kitchen kanikapila with Brudda Dem...well, he did it again (stole da show at the 21st birthday party for Drew Burchard, son of Punahou/Kalani grads Hal and Nikki Burchard)! Da guy's name is Roy Rabanal and he is awesome...sings, dances, does comedy, cooks and caters...sings "Alika" just like Aunty Genoa when he's serious which he usually is not...contact Roy at 425-643-7398......

A cool place to go to for a "get away" is the Native American Coeur D'Alene Casino & Resort in Worley, Idaho (a few miles outside of Spokane ) where Kathy and I went to celebrate our 35th! The first thing the desk clerk asked me when I walked in was "Are you Hawaiian? If so, do you have identification to verify that?"  I pulled out my Kau Inoa ID and the clerk said "We Native Americans consider Native Hawaiians to be part of our U.S. family of indigenous people" and gave me a discounted rate. Auwe......so nice that the First Nation/Native Americans recognize us as indigenous people of the USA...now if we can just get Congress to do the same...... 

Upcoming events that need your support:  August 26, 2006 Halau Na Hanu O'Ku`uleialoha's first annual Summer Luau at the Asian Resource Center in the Seattle International District!  And remember to go out and support the Punahou High School 2006 Labor Day events (football at Qwest Field/Seahawks Stadium on Sept 2nd; girls volleyball on Sept 1st at Eastlake HS; All Hawaii Luau at Dempsey Center, UW on Sept 3rd........call 206-633-5233 for info/tickets)......

Gotta hele on........take care.......malama pono e a hui hou.......Danny

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