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December 2006


On one fine Saturday in November, I was able to enter a world that not many have a chance to see! First, as a guest of old friend and Kamehameha schoolmate ReidarSmith, I was invited to join U of Washington President Mark Emmert at the UW’s “President’s Brunch” preceding the football game against Stanford. President Emmert uses the Brunch as a way to thank the staff and supporters of the UW’s educational and athletic programs. The stuffed Halibut and Mystic Isles grilled beef food was different from my regular “Portuguese sausage and eggs over easy” breakfast but it was ono! Guest Speaker/Pro Football Hall of Famer Warren Moon was there as was UW football Coach TyroneWillingham. After the Brunch, the guests (over fifty of us) all moved next door to Husky Stadium where we sat in the “President’s Box” (yep, right on the 50 yard line with free popcorn and hot dogs and pop…..wow, what a treat). Unfortunately, the game was junk….a battle between the ineffective versus the inept as Stanford upset the highly favored Huskies……

Later that evening it was on to another of those rare moments in life, this time as guest of Wanda Kamahele and her Geneva Foundation. Wanda invited Kathy and I and a few other Hawaiians (including Stan and Priscilla Dahlin, Mike and Joan Sturrock, Reidar and Sharon Smith, Iwalani Kamahele, Kiha Kinney, Larry Kamahele, Heather and Frank Minton) to attend the 23rd Breath of Life Gala at the Seattle Sheraton Towers, a fund raiser to help find a cure for the Cystic Fibrosis disease! It was a “Black Tie” event and since I don’t wear bow ties with my Aloha shirts, I had to go shopping for something “formal”. Auwe, a bow tie costs $45.00 at Nordstrom’s and a formal fancy dress shirt with cuff links and cumberband was another $120.00…really nice stuff but hey, I didn’t want to get a second mortgage just to dress up for one night so I went to the poor man’s Nordy (JC Penney) where they had the WHOLE works (shirt, cuff links, cumberbund and bow tie) on sale for $29.99. People commented that I looked like a million bucks that evening (Mahalo JC Penney)! Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is a life threatening disease that affects the lungs and digestive systems. Most of the victims are children who in years past were lucky to live long enough to attend elementary school. Today, through money from fund raisers like this one, medical progresses have enabled CF victims to live to a median age of 37 (not great but so much better than before)! It was heartwarming for me to have been a part of the evening’s activities where I saw and met many of Seattle’s “rich and famous” who donated over a million dollars that night! Do support the fight against CF if you can…it’s a great cause….mahalo to Wanda Kamahele whose Geneva Foundation donated over $50,000.00 for the fight against CF!

Most of us can remember the first time we left home and about how homesick/lonely we felt…the Kamehameha Alumni folks in Washington have a neat activity designed to welcome Hawaiian Islander students entering the various colleges in the western Washington area. The event introduces the students to Hawaiian Islanders who live in the area who the students can contact when they need assistance or get lonely/ homesick/etc. On November 4, 2006 KS Alumni/ Washington Region President Kiha Kinney and event hosts Stan Dahlin and KaiHanchett convened the 8th annual “Student Connections” event and in spite of the horrendous weather that day, eight students from Hawaii joined the fun, fellowship and lots of great food event (twenty others couldn’t come because of the bad weather or other commitments). Among the students: Waihea Perreira (from Kalihi, Oahu an Iolani ’03 grad) is a senior at Pacific Lutheran University who dreams of becoming a Pediatric Nurse. Dana Kaleleonamele Perreira (a University Laboratory HS, Honolulu 2006 grad) is a freshman at PLU who wants to open a LomiLomi Spa in Hawaii someday. Ariel Kagawa (from Kaneohe and another University Lab HS ’06 grad) knows that Hawaii is expensive so wants a college degree so she can get a good job and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle when she returns there. Jessica Ohuleimakamae Waia`u is a Kamehameha/Kapalama HS ’04 grad in her second year at PLU who wants to be a teacher in Hawaii. Sheena Tagalicod (Kamehameha HS/Big Island campus ’06) is a Pahoa/Big Island gal in her first year at U of W; her dream is to become a pharmacist and go back to serve her people on the Big Island. Kayla Carvalho (another KS/Big Island ’06 grad) is from Laupahoehoe and wants to become a mathematics teacher in Hawaii. Kingsley Kameaaloha (KS/Kapalama ’06) is from Aiea, Oahu; he is in his first year at PLU and he wants to be a Performing Arts teacher in Hawaii with a secondary dream of becoming a professional musician in Waikiki someday (for now Kingsley says he has a real good Hawaiian music group at PLU looking for music gigs)! Selena“Lena” La`a is a KS/Kapalama ’99 grad and a senior at PLU who is working towards a Masters degree in Education; she would like to teach in schools/orphanages in Namibia, Africa before returning to teach in Hawaii…a real neat bunch of young Hawaiians…

Hot off the press: a new book “Holoholo Hawaii…Hele on to the islands of Aloha”, an activity book for children by Mike Tackett which the Honolulu Star Bulletin calls “first rate artwork….creative way to teach kids Hawaiian words”…great, inexpensive ($6.00) stocking stuffer for Christmas! Contact liko@lehuablossoms.com for info….

Mele Kalikimaka e Hauoli Makahiki Hou Kakou from the Kaopuiki Ohana! We send you our fondest Aloha and our wishes that this Holiday Season will be filled with love, happiness and good health and that 2007 will be filled with successes for you and yours! Gotta hele on.....until next year….a hui hou e malama pono……………Danny

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