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February 2007


Hauoli 15th la Ho`omana`o (Anniversary) to the Hawaii Radio Connection (HRC) gang! Back in December 1991, da Kauai guy (My Man Stephen Gomes, Braddah Cool himself) was asked if he would be interested in doing a Hawaiian music radio show here in the Pacific NW. He was interested and what first started as a one hour/once a month show proved to be so popular that it evolved, over the years, into its current 1 hour in the morning (8-9:00 am, KXPA, 1540 AM) and 2 hours in the afternoon (noon-2:00 p.m. KCBS 91.3 FM) every Saturday format. I was invited to join the HRC gang for their very special anniversary on their January 13, 2007 afternoon show. What you all hear over the air sounds so smooth and polished and professional because the HRC gang is so very good at what they do but in the studio, things look kinda chaotic as they run hither and yon. But trust me, the HRC folks who were there that day (Braddah Gomes and Sistah Clarice (Clarice Martin) and Sistah Manono (McMillan) and Uncle Ed (Tanaka) and Uncle Gregg (Porter)) know exactly what they’re doing…….and what they’re doing is spreading Aloha and our Hawaiian culture throughout the Pacific NW sooo very, very well!!!! Sooooo tune in and listen up for the latest news and the bestest Hawaiian music!!!!! Congrats Braddah Cool & Gang……

Kathy and I got to enjoy two events that can only be classified as “priceless”…..for Christmas, our kaikamahine Shannon and her hubby Cory gifted us with tickets for dinner at Teatro Zinzanni in Seattle and it’s one of those dinners you have to take the love of your life to at least once! It is “pricey” but unforgettable…auwe, you get a really, really good five course dinner that lasts nearly four hours because in between each course are some of the most fascinating (virtually in your lap or over your head) entertainment acts you could hope to see (comics, dancers, singers, acrobats, trapeze artists, etc)! Down the scale somewhat from “pricey”, Kathy and I went to a comedy show that cost us $5 to get in and it too was an awesome, “priceless” event!!! Over a hundred folks were at the Edmonds Community College’s Triton Hall to watch our very own Kermit Apio in action…you all read and laugh with him in the NWHT every month so you know he is g-o-o-o-d but let me tell you that on stage, he is absolutely even mo’ bettah as he had everyone howling with laughter…….you gotta go see him…..Kermit, you da Man!!!!

IMUA KAMEHAMEHA ….in their own words, the Kamehameha Schools/Oahu boys basketball team members had an “awesome visit” to the Seattle area during the week between Christmas 2006 and New Year’s Day 2007. Led by Seniors Pono Hanson (Aiea, Oahu), Mitchell Kauweloa (Kailua, Oahu), Andrew Godinet (Waipahu), RandyCummings (Palolo Valley), Rykin Enos (Aiea), Jay Kauka (Kaneohe) and Levi Goeas (Kaneohe) the team caught a “red-eye” flight out of Hawaii on a warm, star-filled Christmas night to arrive the next morning in a bitterly cold/rainy/wintry Seattle! They played three tough games over a six day period (losing to 5 th ranked Snohomish HS, beating Mariner HS and losing their final game to Roosevelt HS of Seattle). Coach Jesse Nakanishi (KS ’95, Whitworth ‘01) and his assistants (twin brother Julian, also KS ’95, Lewis and Clark ’01 and Iolani grad Gavin Scanlon) have created an extremely fun team to watch. They’re a team that made up for its lack of height (tallest player is 6’2 Levi Goeas) by playing a run/run offense and an “in-your-face” defense that caused havoc for the mainland teams. All thirteen of the players (others were Juniors Kawika Lyons (Kaneohe), Jon Hew-Len (Mililani) and Kamakoa Downey-Jovanovich (Kaimuki) and sophomores Auwae DeRego (Waimea, Hawaii), Pi`I Minns (Alewa Heights) and Conrad Scheidt (Maili)) played in every game as Coach Nakanishi kept substituting players to keep fresh legs in the game…also on the trip: team Managers/ trainers Tiana Lukela and Shelby Enos. What made the trip so memorable were the side trips (going to Key Arena to watch a Sonics game; touring Qwest Field/the U of Washington/Seattle University/Pike Place Market/the Space Needle) but best of all was snowboarding at Snoqualmie Pass for one whole day particularly as this was the first time most of the guys had ever seen, let alone played in, snow! Parents traveling with the team included Julie and Nolan Kauweloa, Honolulu Police Officer Kose and wife Anna Godinet, Aiea Fire Department Captain Barney and wife Patti Hanson and their son Po`okela (KS ’01, UW ’05), David and Glorietta McCurdy, Layne and Clarissa Goeas all of whom enjoyed the beautiful Seattle area but could not wait to get back to warm Hawaii…..

Twas so nice to see so many Hawaiian Islanders turn out to cheer the Kamehameha team. As expected, a bunch of KS Alumni were there like Pete Wylie ’68, Stan Dahlin ’61, Kiha Kinney ’51 and Jason Leong ’88 with his wife Keahi ’89 and their baby daughter Hi`ilei (plans are for Hi`ilei to be a KS 2023 grad) plus Franklin Johnson and his lovely daughter Taylor…..but it was a greater bonus to see non-Kamehameha folks like my favorite Noho’s Hawaiian Restaurant waitress Terri Kim Tauilo (with her Ohana Mo’e and Josh and Moani) who came all the way from Portland to cheer the team; also cheering the team were folks like Bob Matsuda (Kauai HS ’60) Mahealani (Maui HS) and her hub Kimo Schubert (Parker HS)…also there the Kwock family Nathan (Maryknoll), Jackie (Kalani) Kim (Inglemoor HS).. also Puamelia Mataele (Konawaena)….mahalo also to the many, many others who came out to support our Hawaiian youth………..

Auwe…time to hele on…..a hui hou e malama pono………Danny

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