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July 2006


Aloha and Mahalo to all of you who got so concerned about my well being when I was injured in an auto accident in late May...the other driver ran through a stop sign into an intersection right in front of me and auwe: I had no place to go so we crashed! The Police/Medics thought I might have broken my neck/fractured my skull (I told them not to worry 'cause Hawaiian Portuguese folks have real hard heads).  I spent the next six hours getting X-rayed and CT Scanned before they decided nothing was broken...I had a huge bump and cut on my head, bruised ribs, a mild concussion and an aching body that kept me in bed for almost a week...some of you heard about it and I got calls/emails/cards from so many of you wishing me well!  Mahalo! This is one of those times when I am so proud to be one you because you are the best!!!!

Don't Stop!   Please don't stop trying........it was close but we came up four votes short so the Akaka Bill did not make it to the U.S. Senate floor this session!  Whether through the Akaka Bill or some other forum, we must not stop our efforts to seek the justice that rightfully belongs to the indigenous people of Hawaii and their descendants who lost so much when the Hawaiian Monarchy was illegally overthrown! Ethnic Hawaiians must continue to let the world know who we are and where we live and that we care about our culture and our people! One of the best ways to do this is by signing on to the Kau Inoa Register! In the past week, people like Emma Budd (Lakewood, WA), Raun Kamakahi (Kent, WA), Robert Raymond (Olympia, WA) and Lynette Paianada (Buckley, WA) have requested Kau Inoa application forms for their families...mahalo to them! Joining Kau Inoa is one step you can take...but staying informed and involved is the most important thing all of us can and must do!!!

Gavin and Cherrelle (Io) Yu ....you probably don't know them yet but you should.  Perhaps you knew them back in "da old country ( Hawaii )"? They had a place called the "Islander BBQ" in Wahiawa and another place (Yu's Place) in Kaimuki...now they have a place in North Seattle named "Northshore Hawaiian BBQ" on 10th Street, a couple of blocks west of Aurora Ave N. Gavin says he named the restaurant after his favorite hangout in Hawaii (Northshore Oahu). Gavin and Cherrelle are two more transplanted Hawaiian Islander folks trying to make their work..it's a nice little place with lots of parking and per Cherrelle: the best Mochi chicken and Hawaiian BBQ in town.......

It's called "The Country Village" and auwe, the place reminds me so much of the little "shopping centers" like the ones I remember in Haleiwa or Lahaina or on Lana`i..it's the Anti-Mall kinda place with a few semi-large stores but mostly lots of small Mom & Pop type stores selling everything you can imagine.  I went there to check out Williama and Lynn Aven's "Ante Nani Li'l Grass Shack" store (at the corner of 8th Ave SE and 238th St in the middle of the Village). Oahu (Queen's Hospital) born Williama Aven retired after 28 years in the San Francisco Sheriff's office. Lynn (from Omaha , Nebraska ) also worked for the SF Sheriff's office where she met and married Williama. They are really nice folks trying to make their store successful (so far so good says Lynn ). Williama is quite the 'inventor" person and has lots of neat items for sale......stop by and say hello......

It's graduation time so Congrats to: U of Washington's Keola O`Kalani Awana (daughter of Donna and Larry Awana) graduated with two degrees (Sociology and Anthroplolgy). Keola plans to apply for law school at the U of Hawaii, Manoa!  TC Aven (granddaughter of Williama and Lynn Aven) graduated from Kamiak HS and plans to just cool it for a while.  Da Flyin' Hawaiian Chad DeAguiar graduated from Mountlake Terrace HS where he earned honors as the 2006 Sportsman of the Year. Chad (son of Kathy and Mike DeAguiar) was Captain of the track team and starter on the football team.  Chad is headed to Western Washington University where he plans to run track!

There was another "Pahty of Da Year" at Kona Kitchen on June 9th, this one celebrating Da Great One's (Bernie Simeona) birthday. The place was absolutely packed with lots of tremendous entertainers like Moki Simeona and Kenny Kahala who flew in from Hawaii for the event. Kenny used to sing with Kui Lee.  Lei Delossantos Mohala Na Pua O`Kuulei dancers were there en masse (lots of them) swinging and swaying all night.  Kumu Hula Iwalani Christian danced a few numbers (she is so awesome)...but the star of the night was a guy named Roy (no one caught his last name) who absolutely floored the crowd with his fabulous voice and his comedy style.....

Coming soon more Hawaiian community events that deserve your support: July 15, 2006 the annual Wakinikona Summer Festival at Kennedy High School in Burien; July 29, 2006: the Mohala Na Pua O`Kuulei dancers are holding a Hawaiian Slammin' Salmon Bake at the Lake Ballinger Golf Club house to raise money for their trip to the Merrie Monarch Festival 2008 (425-280-6693 for info)......

Gotta go hele on........until next time, take care.....................Danny  

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