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June 2007

Kama`aina Lifestyle................Holoholo............

“E HILINA `I WAI NO! JUST BELIEVE”.........that was the theme of the 10th annual Pacific Lutheran University “Na Hoaloha o Hawaii” Luau!

It began as a beautifully romantic, fictionalized story about the life and love between a Hawaiian man and woman! Ninety minutes later, it ended up as a very touching, real life love story as PLU student Joe Cassler of Vancouver, WA got on the stage and totally surprised everyone (except a few cast members) but especially fellow PLU student Shelly Furutani of Lihue, Kauai by proposing marriage to her! Auwe....many smiles, as well as a few tears of happiness and joy, could be seen among the five hundred guests at the Luau...it was an awesome moment! The “Hilina`i...Believe” theme was a very clever, creatively told story using film (shown on a big screen over the main stage) interwoven with live mele (songs) and hula (dances) by the Na Hoaloha o Hawaii group! Kalele Perreira (Kalihi gal) and Kingsley Kalohelani ( Pearl City guy) did a great job as the “Hawaiian man and woman” actors in the film (shot in Hawaii). Adrian Hollingsworth was funny in her comedy hula solo while Kalele Perreira was outstanding as the “lead” dancer for most of the group hulas! All the dancers were great but I have to especially recognize the fourteen faculty members (who bravelygot on the stage and danced Na Hala o Naue) because they were very gooooood! Auwe, how often do you see college professors and staff dance the hula before hundreds of people? Good for them!!!! I also need to commend the PLU music foursome: remember the name Troy Andrade (Kunia, Oahu, PLU Senior) because I am sure you’ll be hearing his beautiful voice in some future Hawaiian C.D.s.....same for Jessica Waia`u (Kalihi, Oahu), great voice/multi-instrument player...and there is “budding movie star”/guitarist/singer Kingsley Kalohelani....the fourth member of the group is singer/guitarist Lars Tanaka (Pearl City, Oahu)! Misty Hug, the PLU Luau Coordinator, was a fun M.C. Finally, congrats to Desiree Koanui (Kapahulu, Oahu), Na Hoaloha o Hawaii club president, for a Luau that was a huge success in every way! Hilina`i? Dez: you and your PLU group made believers of all of us! It was a great Luau and show..............mahalo............

I think five words a Hawaiian would NEVER want to hear is “You cannot eat Spam again”....those are the words Benny Lagmay heard from his doctors after his heart valve replacement surgery six months ago because he had to cut down on his sodium intake! But auwe, no can eat Hawaiian Steak again? How sad! Especially hard when customers walk into Benny and Tonya Lei Lagmay’s Lei’s FamilyRestaurant in Duvall and ask (very innocently) “You guys make Spam Musubi?” Benny wants you all too know that he is doing real well and thanks everyone for their prayers and Aloha. Benny (from Nanakuli) and Tonya (from Kauai ) have started paddling with the Everett/Hui Wa’a O Puget Sound outrigger canoe gang for exercise! I know Lei’s Restaurant/Duvall is kinda out there (in the country) but you all need to drop in....nice place with nice views and great food. Hawaii Kai guy Lee Hashimoto is one of the cooks while Heidi Perreira and Jaylin Lagmay are great waitresses! Oh yea...Tonya just opened up a little Hawaiian store inside the restaurant with some really great stuff.......you all go see........

Auwe....I’ve been looking for him for a long time (ever since “Clara’s” restaurant on 45th closed) and I finally found him, right here in my neighborhood at a place called Ricky’s Bar & Grill (612 N Richmond Rd in Shoreline) His name is Wayne Ikeda and more than a cook, this man is a Chef...his Hawaiian meals are so attractively presented and so tasty! Bonus: Ricky’s Bar & Grill owner is Mililani’s own Ricky Andrews, former football star of the PAC-Five high school team that won a Hawaii State championship several years ago; Ricky also starred at the U of Washington and played for the Seattle Seahawks in 1990! Now, mahalo to Ricky and Wayne, us Northend Seattle folks can enjoy great Hawaiian food in our own backyard. Go try!!!!

May 19, 2007 was a cold, really windy day with the sun doing a peek-a-boo dance in and out of the grey clouds over Silver Lake in Everett, WA...certainly was not like being back in Hawaii but everywhere you looked, there were a couple of hundred shivering folks running around in shorts and tee shirts, pushing their outrigger canoes out onto the choppy lake....paddlers of every age and gender came from as far away as the Mountain Home and Kai Ikaika crews from Portland, OR plus the Hui Wa’as from Federal Way, Silverdale, Seattle and Everett. They came to compete in the Uncle Manu Baker Outrigger Sprints Regatta which opened the 2007 Pacific NW Outrigger Canoe Association’s racing season. At the end of the day, Federal Way’s Kikaha O Ke Kai had the most race points but everyone had fun...Special welcome goes to the brand new Kai Ikaika Paddling Club from Portland, OR coached by Mulu Tafasu. Kai Ikaika’s President John Tejada (Waianae guy who now lives in Portland) explains that his paddlers have been racing Dragon Boats (which have crews of 20 paddlers) for years, competing in world championship races in Rome and Toronto but decided they also wanted to compete in outrigger canoe races! Summer may not be here yet but there was a lot of warm Aloha on the beach......lots of good races and good fun...........

Gotta hele on…..until next time, a hui hou e malama pono………Danny

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