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March 2008

Kama`aina Lifestyle................Holoholo............

Those of you who know Kumu Hula Kamaile Hamada know him as a pretty mellowed out, low key guy (well, unless you’re one of his Halau dancers and you mess up) so I was floored when I saw Kamaile’s very-angry-at-the-Disney-world -folks email! I got pretty angry too by the time I finished reading what Kamaile had to say. It seems that Disney is sponsoring a new DVD of High School Musical 2 (which will be seen by millions of youngsters all over the world) that includes a dance number in which an actress wearing a pineapple on her head makes fun of our language and our hula. It has not been that long ago that media giants like Disney were chastised for their distasteful treatment of African Americans, Asians and Native Americans so it is amazing that they keep plodding ahead with little regard for the humiliation that people feel when their culture becomes the basis for their parodies! I’ve already mailed in my letter of complaint to Disney...come on you all: get mad and send in your comments too!!!!

Auwe, Ben Baker better slow down or he going lose some mo’ hair ‘cause if you think he’s busy now (Prexy of the Washington State Hawaiian Civic Club; in high

demand musician; a Puyallup Tribal Police Lieutenant; Lokahi/50 th State/Wakinikona Hawaiian club memberships, family man, et al) think again! After slightly more than a year since he helped create the Moku`aina A Wakinekona Hawaiian Civic Club here, he has soooooo impressed other Hawaiian Civic Club members that there is a movement afoot to “Vote for Ben” as “national President” of the Hawaiian Civic Clubs Association! Auwe...I don’t want Ben to lose any mo’ hair but I would definitely vote for him cause he is Da Man!!!!!

I’ve mentioned the Kona Kitchen’sAngela Manke a few times in the past and I thought you might want to know that Angela is much, much more than a singing waitress! Angela graduated from Kamehameha and the U of Washington and she just recently hired on full time as Administrative Assistant to Steve Sneed, Director of the Cultural Programs department at the Seattle Center! Throughout each year, there are 20 festivals at the Seattle Center celebrating the cultures of people from places like Tibet, Turkey, Vietnam, Philippines, et al but none celebrating the culture ofthepeople ofHawaii! There is an Asian-Pacific Islander Celebration in May but that one focuses mostly on cultures of the people of Southeast Asia. Recently, Angela invited me to meet with her and her boss to discuss the possibility of a Hawaiian (or Polynesian) cultural event at the Seattle Center in the future! Auwe...we could join hands with our brothers and sisters from Samoa/Tonga/ Fiji/New Zealand/Tahiti/etc and put on an awesome one or two day Polynesian cultural festival at the Seattle Center! Stay tuned as there’s a great chance (especially with support from Angela and Steve) that a Hawaiian (or a Polynesian) Cultural Festival at the Seattle Center may be happening in the near future....mahalo Angela!

Kalaupapa, Moloka`i ......a beautiful, beautiful place with such a tragic history! Congratulations to Chris Mahelona (who now resides in Spokane, WA) and members of the Ka `Ohana O Kalaupapa non-profit organization whose efforts to create the Kalaupapa National Historical Park Memorial has resulted in the US House of Representatives approving the Kalaupapa Memorial Act (H.R. 3332 sponsored by Hawaii’s Congresswoman Mazie K Hirono). It is anticipated that the US Senate will soon approve Senator Daniel Akaka’s companion version of HR 3332. The Kalaupapa National Historical Park will serve as a memorial to the more than 8,000 Hawaiian Islander Leprosy (Hansen’s disease) victims who were exiled there from 1866 until 1969.My uncle Jeremiah Kaopuiki was exiled from Lana`i to Kalaupapa when he was a young man. Like many of his peers, Uncle Jerry lived/loved/had a family/died in Kalaupapa so I am glad that a Memorial will be created honoring the many who were exiled to Kalaupapa. Mahalo Chris and your fellow Ka `Ohana O Kalaupapa members!

The politically powerful folks in Idaho (Governors, Congressmen, businessmen) called him John....his family called him J.P. By whatever name, he was admired and respected and loved...His “mana” (best haole equivalent would be “personal essence” or maybe “soul”) was huge... he could walk into any room and, like a light to moths, draw the immediate attention of others...he was a superb athlete (drafted by the Cincinnati Reds for baseball, outstanding basketball player for Gonzaga U, one of the best all time golfers in the State of Idaho)...he was the Personnel Manager for Kaiser during construction of the Grand Coulee Dam....he was one of the founders of the Boise State University Boosters Club and of the prestigious Crane Creek Country Club in Boise. He was the Associated General Contractors Executive Secretary for Idaho for over 25 years. On February 2, 2008, John Pierre (J.P.) Molitor, age 93, passed away. Boise, Idaho lost an Icon; Kathy lost her Dad; I lost a great friend and father-in-law......Aloha `oe J.P.

Sadly, there are times when the young and beautiful among us are taken when they are still in the prime of their lives. Our deepest sympathy goes to former Seattle Seahawks star David and his wife Holly Hughes on the loss of their 22 year old daughter Kela Kanoeanuhea Hughes! Kela was a young lady whose passions in life included perpetuating the teachings of Christ and spreading the Aloha spirit of her Hawaiian culture. Aloha `oe Kela!

I gotta hele on but you all take a moment to hug your loved ones......a hui hou e malama pono….. Danny

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