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Danny Kaopuiki's

Kama`aina Profile

February 2005

Alfred “Butch” Calivo

Back in the good old days, driving directions for getting around in Honolulu were very basic…you either go Mauka or Makai, or you go Waikiki or Ewa (isn’t it surprising how nobody got lost in those days?) We all know where Waikiki is and that Makai is “towards the ocean” and Mauka is “towards the mountains” but where da heck is EWA???? My Profile guy this month was born in the Ewa Beach Hospital but lived in Ewa, Oahu, in a plantation house (you know da kine with the grooved tin roof where a light rain sounds like a Thunderstorm) and he says “Auwe… how can anybody not know where Ewa is….it’s right o’deah, right next to da kine.” Actually he grew up in Kane`ohe so I really don’t think he knows where Ewa is!

Our Profile guest for the month is well-known in the Seattle/Everett Hawaiian community. He was co-The Calivo familyfounder, along with Bobby Nakihei, Larry Kaikala and MikeDeAguiar, of the Everett “Hui Wa`a O Puget Sound” outrigger canoe club; he is a radio announcer on the Sunday afternoon “Coconut Wireless” radio program; he and the club members of Hui Wa`a O Puget Sound Club host many fundraiser events, including the “Club Broadway Ho`olaulea” and the “Crab Dinner” at St. Thomas Moore Church. My Profile guest is Alfredo Calivo Jr!

Who dat you ask? Okay already….how about if I said his name is Butch Calivo! Yea…him…same guy! How come a name like “Butch”? Cause he had a “butch’ haircut (you know da kine: close on da sides and kinda crew cut on top) when he was growing up and folks just started calling him Butch (he still has the same kine haircut so people still call him Butch!) Alfredo Calivo Sr (Butch’s dad) was born in Ewa, worked on the plantation and later on for the Sheraton Hotels. Butch’s mom (Betty Reyes) was born in Kohala on the Big Island . A Castle HS ’73 grad, Butch says he got the urge to “go West young man” when he was twenty so he took off for Alaska (see I told you da guy doesn’t know his directions too well… Alaska is NORTH of Hawaii Butch!) Anyway, Butch spent three great years fishing for salmon and crab, working under renowned Bill Kukahiko, Captain of the good ship “Teresa Lee” along with fellow Hawaiians like Steve Madamba and Nani Pauole and Boki Histo!

Butch enjoyed the Pacific NW so much he decided to make Seattle his home away from Hawaii and began working for METRO/King County in 1979; he plans to retire in another five years. Butch’s beautiful wife Mary Hibberd Calivo is a native of Longview , in the southwest part of Washington . Mary shares Butch’s love for water activities so much that she is an active outrigger canoe paddler. Mary works for “Princess Cruises” so call her if you’re thinking of going on a cruise. Butch and Mary have been married for twenty-two years and have a trio of very talented and good looking kamali`i (children). Alfredo Calivo III (he says please just call me Miko) is a freshman at Shoreline Community College and is considering a career in theatre. Miko is an outstanding hula dancer and is a co-host with Butch on the “Coconut Wireless” radio program. Marina Elekapeka Calivo is a junior at Mountlake Terrace HS while Kehaulani Louisa Calivo is a 6 th grader at St Luke’s Catholic School in the Shoreline area. Marina and Kehau are great hula dancers as well as excellent basketball players for their respective schools.

Alfredo “Butch” Calivo Jr is one of those guys who make me feel so proud of my Hawaiian heritage! His philosophy has always been to do the things that create a linkage to their Hawaiian culture for all the `opio (young people) for our Pacific NW Hawaiian community. Butch promotes activities and events that exposes the `opio to doing things “the Hawaiian way” (outrigger canoeing/hula dancing/music/spreading Aloha/ etc). Under Butch’s leadership, the nine year old “Hui Wa`a o Puget Sound outrigger canoe club (over 100 members ranging in ages from teens to senior, with kanes and wahines) is flourishing; the “Club Broadway Ho`olaulea” , now in its third year is a full house event and the annual “Crab Dinner” at St. Thomas Moore is tremendously popular. Butch Calivo and Joan Hughes/her Hula Halau are key components of the annual “Hawaiian Days at the Everett Memorial Ballpark” e vent sponsored by the Seattle Mariners/Everett AquaSox baseball organization. Butch welcomes information on Hawaiian happenings in the Pacific NW area which he will gladly announce over his Sunday afternoon (4;30pm – 6pm.) “Coconut Wireless” radio (KSER, FM channel 90.7) program!

The spirit of Aloha up north of Seattle is alive and thriving! Mahalo Alfredo Butch Calivo Jr……..you Da Man!!!!!!

Until we all meet again, be kind to each other……me ke Aloha pumehana...… Danny


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