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Danny Kaopuiki's

Kama`aina Profile

May 2004

Boy Chun Fook

In our first issue of Northwest Hawaii Times, I introduced you to Ahoi Simeona, a man who was instrumental in starting many Hawaiian community programs in the Great Northwest, a place many of us now call home!  But these programs are only successful if there are others who can continue the legacy that Ahoi began.  Here is the mo'olelo (story) of one guy who is continuing that legacy....

Over the past few years, the hoku lele (rising star) in the Wakinekona (Washington) Pacific Islander community has been a young man named BOY CHUN FOOK! Very personable and likeable, Boy has become the respected Alaka'i (Leader) in two major Hawaiian cultural activities. A gifted musician, he has become the benefactor for young Hawaiian musicians, promoting/ coordinating/publicizing some very successful, standing room only Hawaiian musical programs at Maxi's Lounge in the SEATAC Doubletree Inn and at Southcenter Best Western's Riviera Room!  He has also been involved in bringing some of Hawaii 's best contemporary musicians like Fiji and Hoku Award winner Norm Thompson to entertain us here in Seattle.  Perhaps more notably, Boy has been the Alaka'i of PNWORCA, the guiding force behind the very popular Hui Wa'a (Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Clubs) programs in the Northwest which includes a dozen Hui Wa'as (and hundreds of paddlers) located throughout Oregon, Washington, Montana and Canada.  These Outrigger Canoe clubs have been a very effective method for teaching our po'e kanaka (Hawaiian people) and especially our `opio (youth) about a kahiko (ancient) segment of our Hawaiian heritage.

Boy Chun Fook grew up on Oahu, graduating from Campbell High School in the Ewa Beach area. Chun Fook is a hanai (adopted) name from Boy's step Tutu-man (great grandfather), a Chinese immigrant who left China to work in the sugar cane fields of Hawai'i.  On the Hawaiian side, Boy's genealogy goes back to the Kaluhiokalani family.  Boy and his family (wife Brenda and keiki Gabby, Brittany, Isaiah and Renda) have lived in this area since 1992; in his daily work life, Boy drives an 18 wheeler truck for Pepsi Cola!  I don't know where he finds time, but when he's not busy driving his truck or relaxing with his family or doing his Hawaiian music coordinator or HuiWa'a tasks, Boy sings and plays rhythm guitar with his HPC (Hawaiian Pacific Crew) music group!

Auwe, it's time to go away again.....until next time, take care of each other...me ke aloha pumehana kakou (with warmest wishes to all)........just me: Uncle Danny


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