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Danny Kaopuiki's

Kama`aina Profile

May 2008

The Manatad `Ohana

“The Manatad Legacy”. It all started many, many years ago when Candido Manatad, a native of the Philippine Islands married Incarnation Nabariz, his beautiful bride from Haiku, Maui. Candido and Incarnation settled in the Waiahole Valley on Oahu where they became proud parents of fourteen children. Candido was a commercial fisherman (catching fish in the old Hawaiian “surround net” and “hukilau” styles). Candido is no longer with us but the still beautiful Incarnation will be celebrating her 89th birthday in May 2008. Three of the Manatad siblings have also passed on but the eleven remaining siblings have each been very successful in their respective professions and all have excelled at the most important of human responsibilities, raising good families! The Manatad Legacy now encompasses eleven of the original siblings, forty-two grandchildren, fifty-five great grandchildren and five great-great grandchildren!

The Manatad `Ohana

On April 13, 2008 I had the pleasure of attending the first birthday Luau for Ethan Keona O Kalani Kapule, the youngest of the Manatad Legacy, son of Bobbie and Rodney Kapule Jr, great-great grandson of Incarnation Manatad......Kalani is one of the foundations upon which the future of the Manatad Legacy is being built!

At the Luau, I had the honor of meeting the Matriarch of the Manatad family, Incarnation Manatad! We spoke of many things, about what growing up in Waiahole was like in the old days. Incarnation said that what she missed most about the old days was how good fishing was back then. It was ironic that she would think about fishing because she said she didn’t know how to swim and actually dreaded going into the ocean but then she also remembered that all the children would help out when they were doing hukilau or surround net fishing. She thought that fishing together taught the children to bond and work hard because that’s where the family money came from.

Ethnically, the Manatad family is Filipino but many (including some of the family members and me) believe that there is Hawaiian in their bloodline. They have that “Hawaiian” look in their features and they all very definitely have a huge inbred sense of Aloha which they spread wherever they are. My focus for this profile column is on the five Manatad sisters and one brother whom I had an opportunity to interview.

Dina Manatad: I first heard about Dina when I was checking out a story about a hotel on the shores of Puget Sound which was hosting Hawaiian themed parties. I discovered that the “sponsor” person was Dina Manatad, Marketing and Promotions Director for the Silverdale Beach Hotel, Silverdale, WA where the “Ohana Night” events were being held. Dina just felt that the large Hawaiian Islander community across the waters west of Seattle deserved a recurring Hawaiian party in their area so she convinced her bosses to do it. It has been a huge success for everyone (a great new site for local area Hawaiian musicians; great gathering event for Hawaiian Islanders; increased business for the hotel). Currently, Dina is the Marketing and Promotions lead person for the upcoming “Live Aloha....A Hawaiian Cultural Festival” that is scheduled to be held at the Seattle Center on September 7, 2008. Dina is a lovely lady, youngest of the Manatad siblings, a single Mom whose daughter Kellie Dee is a student at Seattle University.

Lucy Manatad Bernard . Talk about world traveler, Lucy is constantly on the go! She is Regional Sales Director for Castle Resorts & Hotels. Her areas of responsibility include all of the continental United States, Hawaii, Guam, Saipan, New Zealand, Alaska, Canada and Thailand. She has been in the travel/tour business over thirty years and absolutely loves her work even though she is apt to be on the road more than she is at home. A mother of three with two grandchildren, Lucy left Hawaii for the “mainland” after graduating from Castle HS. Lucy is also working with Dina and I on the “Live Aloha...A Hawaiian Cultural Festival” planning committee.

Laura Manatad Kapule had great success in the Property Management field but has “retired” and is now busy doing her Tutu/grandmother tasks with mo`opuna like Ethan Kalani. Linda Manatad Cabral still resides in Waiahole, Oahu and is a key player in the successful, female owned Cyr, Inc Construction Company which has had multiple contracts renovating housing for the US Military in Hawaii. Sim Manatad Soares lives in Renton, WA and works in Management in the Medical Field on Mercer Island. Brother Carlo Manatad heads the Manatad General Contractors company in Tukwila, WA. Carlo and his wife Sheryl live in Tukwila.

Mahalo Incarnation Nabariz Manatad for the huge Legacy you (and Candido) have created for all of us in the four generations of Manatads who have achieved so much and, more importantly, who promote and perpetuate the spirit of Aloha every day in every way...

Incarnation , Dina, Lucy, Laura, Linda, Sim, Carlo and the rest of the Manatad ohana................. “You da Man”!!!!!

Until next time, be kind to each other......me ke Aloha pumehana.........Danny


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