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Danny Kaopuiki's

Kama`aina Profile

September 2006

Judge Robert Hundley Raymond, Jr


It is said that "the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree"......or "like father, like son"...or "it's in the genes"..........

Meet my Profile guest for this month:  Judge Robert Hundley Raymond Jr!  He is a man who continues the family legacy of being a leader, a legacy that was begun way back in the 1800's by Judge Raymond's great, great grand uncle John Tamatoa Baker who was the last Governor of the island of Hawaii under the Hawaiian Monarchy!  John Baker's wife Ululani Lewai Baker (daughter of Ali`i Noah Peleioholani) was the last Governess of the island of Hawaii.  Another great grand uncle, Colonel Robert Hoapili Baker, was the Aide-de-Camp to His Majesty King Kalakaua.  Colonel Baker accompanied King Kalakaua on his fatal trip to California and commanded the Honor Guard that returned King Kalakaua's remains to Hawaii.

Chronologically, our Profile story continues on the island of Maui where Judge Raymond's grandparents (George Standley Raymond and Rebecca Copp Raymond) were active educators for decades in Hawaii 's Territorial School System.  Judge Raymond's dad Robert H Raymond Sr was born in Puunene, Maui and raised in Kula, Maui then moved on the island of Kauai when his father became Principal of Kapa`a High School. Robert Sr enlisted in the US Navy shortly after World War II started and made a career as a US Navy pilot, retiring in 1963 (after a very distinguished military career) to return to Maui where he still resides.

Robert H Raymond Jr, our Profile guest, was born in the hospital at the Sangley Point US Naval Base in the Philippine Islands where his dad was stationed following the end of the Korean War. Robert Jr grew up on Maui and is a graduate of Baldwin High School (class of 1969) and of the University of Hawaii (1976). His first career was as a civil engineer/land surveyor on Maui.  He moved to Honolulu to continue in that profession but unlike the booming land buying and selling business in Hawaii today, there was little demand for Surveyors or Civil Engineers in Hawaii back then so Robert, his wife and infant son moved to Washington State in 1977 where they have lived ever since! Robert continued his civil engineer/land surveying career in Washington until 1989. He was considered quite an expert in the field by that time but he decided that he wanted to become a lawyer so he began studying at the University of Puget Sound Law School while continuing to support his family through his civil engineering/land surveyor jobs. Robert H Raymond Jr received his Juris Doctor degree (with honors) in 1988 and entered private practice as an attorney specializing in civil litigation and business law. Since 2002, Judge Robert H Raymond Jr has been an Industrial Appeals Judge for the State of Washington, deciding disputes concerning workers compensation claims and industrial/safety violations. He served for three years on the Washington State Bar Association's Committee for Diversity.  He has received numerous awards including a "Distinguished Young American Man Award" in 1987 and he has been named in listings of "Emerging American Leaders" and "Who's Who of American Law Students".  Robert H Raymond Jr has also sat as a pro tem Judge for Thurston County. 

While his achievements have been significant, Robert's biggest pride is in his heritage!

He is equally as proud of his mother's Scottish/English family background as he is of his paternal Hawaiian heritage! While other Hawaiians play their ukuleles, Robert's choice of musical instruments is the Scottish Highland Bagpipe and his renditions of Hawaiians songs with a "wee bit" of Scottish flavor are great and pretty unique!  Robert recalls his passion for swimming in Hawaii  by continuing his Scuba diving hobby in the frigid waters of the Pacific NW as often as he can!

Robert's children, Ian Keala and Caitlin Akemi are both on active duty in the US Navy, currently stationed at the US Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida. Robert's brother  Mike Raymond lives in Honolulu while brother Chris Raymond lives in Kamuela on the Big Island. Other notable facts in Robert's genealogical lineage include: his great, great grandfather was Charles Peter Copp, a man from Bristol, England who became a naturalized Hawaiian citizen in January 1846; Robert's great grandmother was Louisa Kahui Baker (one of the Matriachs of the huge Hawaiian Baker Ohana). It is said that John Tamatoa Baker was the model for the statue of Kamehameha that stands outside the Judiciary Building in Honolulu.

Mahalo to Judge Robert Hundley Raymond Jr for being an exemplary model to whom others in our Hawaiian community can point to with pride as "one of our own"..... you da man!!!!

Until next time, be kind to each other.....me ke Aloha pumehana.........Danny


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