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February 2007

Pacific Northwest News

Da Pidgin Connekshun:
Hawai`i State Poet Laureate 2008: Bradajo

by Lonnie Wiig


Jozuf Hadley aka Bradajo

Teenkeen about Hawai’i? Wen us guyz NOT teenkeen about Hawai’i? No madda eef yu Hapa, Hawaiian, Filipino, Potagee, Japanee, Haole, Chinese, eeveen yu been stay down da mainlan fai yia, ten yia, any kain.

Steek tait een da brain but, da local kulcha: da manapua man, choke lei pile hai at graduashun, surfeen, da cheap flight (firs wan een da mohneen) on Aloha Air, da waves breakeen gentlee on da shoa late at nait.

Steek but, too, da local kaukau: da lomi salmon, plate lunch, cone sushi, sweet bread, laulau an pipikaula, da lilikoi shave ice on wan hot day. Oh, break da mout but!

An da heestree: Keeng Kamehameha, Madam Pele, Fada Damian, Queen Liliuokalani. Hahd fo foget, eh?

An da kine Pidgin, no can jees poosh delete an da buggah goeen erase. No way! Some peepo tell: Pidgin jalai da ol sleepa: Eezee fo sleep on, eezee fo sleep off. Well, us guyz’eez Pidgin sleepa alweez reddy fo sleep on. How yu feegah?

Erry langweej get poeetz: Eengleesh get Shakespia dem: “Romeo, Romeo, Whea yu stay?”

French get so many no can count: Baudelaire dem.

Japanese get “ 5-7-5 ” haiku:

Eh, luke da wata (5).
Jomp eensai an splash aroun (7).
Feel gude come all wet (5).

An Pidgin get poeetz!! Fo eenstens, get Bradajo. Proleefeek heem. (Chai check em out: bradajo.com.) Bradajo’s firs buke, from 1972, wuz “Chaloookyu Eensai” weet “Ma Ket Stanlee” an “Da Beegeeneen.” Lata had mo bukes: “Foreeel,” “Avebade Bade,” “Beya Foots Days,” “Soopa Hero Monsta,” “Da Kapenta,” “Da Masta,” “Supernatural Tales by Bradajo,” and “Creecha, Creecha.”

Bradajo’s latees buke eez “Two Poems.” Get wan nice CD on top. Wen da snow falleen an yu stay some lonesome fo Hawai’i Nei, chai turn off da mainlan, an turn on Bradajo. Da lass feefteen minutes on da CD, afta da Pidgin, get da sound of da Hawai’i ocean.

Wen us guyz wen tell Bradajo we wraiteen dees artiko, he told “Gude, but pleez no type out my poetry.” Cuz, Bradajo, da buggah wan ahtees; he wen poot lotta tot eentu heez Pidgin calligraphy. Fo eensteens, een “Two Poems,” da way Bradajo wrait “Yu” luke lai wan beautiful mounteen eensai one Chinese schroll. Hahd fo unnastan da whole poem weetout lookeen da Pidgin calligraphy an leesneen da CD same taim.

Mose American states get wan State Poet Laureate, but Hawai’i no moa. How come?

Us guyz teenkeen, da Hawai’i State Legislacha shude choose one new “Poet Laureate” fo erry yia. An dey shude be careful no jees chuse da hybolic kine Eengleesh poetz. Bradajo dem definitely wen help poot Pidgin on da literary map. Akamai, heem. Now stay taim fo ahnah heem. “Bradajo fo Hawaii State Poet Laureate 2008.”

Aloha nao, Hawai’i State Legislacha an Govanah Lingle. Pleez remembah Bradajo’s famous wurz: “Chalookyu Eensai!” Mahalo.

You may contact Bradajo at 3593A Alani Drive, Honolulu, HI 95822 or jozufhadley@yahoo.com


you don’t mind

if I talk

this kind


Lonnie Wiig comes from Honolulu and graduated from Punahou HS. He currently lives in

Oregon where he is a writer/trainer/entrepreneur and can be reached at lw@cre8communic8.com.




Naval Senior Chief Usman Retires

By Paul Lugo

On 12 January 2007, Naval Senior Chief Oscar Usman held his retirement ceremony in Bremerton, Washington. The many-featured program was well attended by USS Stennis crewmates, parents, family, and friends. Hawai`i’s anthem Hawai`i Pono`i was sung halfway through the proceedings.

Naval Senior Chief Oscar Usman with
his wife Rhoda at his retirement
ceremony in Bremerton, Washington.

Photo by Paul Lugo

The ceremony went smoothly until Oscar praised his wife Rhoda for her many years of support. After Oscar mentioned Rhoda’s bout with cancer, he stopped. After three more attempts to continue his speech he gave up, and handed the speech to a friend, who finished it for him. More than in any other profession, military men depend on their wives.

Oscar Usman was born in Kohala on Hawai`i island in 1957. He first joined the Navy in 1975. In 1979 he was discharged and returned home where he met and married Rhoda Ebanez from O`ahu. They have two children, Darius and Daryllyn. In 1986 Oscar returned to active duty and went on to complete twenty-five years in the United States Navy.

His many accomplishments and assignments can be reviewed in the Jackson Park Community Center in Bremerton. Oscar Usman leaves a long record of superior accomplishments.



Grant Higa Tries for World Competition

By NWHIT Staff Photo by Michelle Higa

Hawai`i-born Strongman Grant Higa will compete in the MET-Rx All-American Strongman Challenge in Pasadena, California from Feb 16-18, 2007. In addition to $10,000 in prize money, this competition will also help determine those athletes who will participate in the 2007 World’s Strongest Man Super Series. The Strongman competition has categories such as Car Flip, Truck Pull, Tire Flip and Log Lift.

Born and raised in Hawai`i, Higa now lives in Maple Valley, Washington with his wife Michelle.


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