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May 2006

Pacific Northwest News

Da Pidgin Connexion

By Lonnie Wiig

“E Hau’oli E Na ‘Opio O Hawai’i Nei”

Apreel feefteent us guyz wen hele on down to Willamette University een Salem fo da “Seventeent Annual Lu’au.” Da kalua peeg wuz ono an had lomilomi salmon, haupia, poi, mac salad, teri cheekeen, fresh pineapple ladat.

All ovah da place dat eevneen had bird of paradise, torch jeenja, ti leaf an anthurium. Us guyz nevah no eef W.U. get wan California Club oa wan Idaho Club oa wan Alaska Club. Eh, but garans da Willamette U. Hawai’i Club stay alive an well!! Outsai da entrance, No Ka Oi Shave Ice wuz pumpeen um out: Blue Raspberry, Lychee, Coconut, Cherry, Tigah’s Blood – had any kine flavah.

Da bess pot, but, wuz da Lu’au show! Dem guyz wen turn da jeem lites all off accep fo by da stage, an den dey wen take us on wan tua all ovah Polynesia. Eh, wuz kain-a spooky wen da jeem come all dock an da “Haka” Maori War Dance begeen. Soundeed laik fai-cracka goeen off een da bleacha, an den all da beeg warriahs come tundereen down da bleacha, shouteen stoff een Maori, slappeen dea opu, bangeen agains peepo, an wuz loud, but!

Also had slow hula, fass hula, wan audience pahteesapashun sexy hula contess, nice kine seengeen and wan fai-a knife dance. Da show lasteed tu hourz strait!

Us guyz wuz wandreen – “Eh, how come da Annual Lu’aus at da Nortwess universities so populah? Afta tokkeen to beeg stack peepo, we teenkeen da kine spreeng Lu’au get at leas tree main funkshuns:

Numba Wan) Preven fall homeseekness. Da Hawai’i Club Lu’au prep staht een Octoba an lass teel Apreel. How you goeen come homeseek wen you stay bizzy learneen Polynesian culchah an how fo dance new hulas?

Numba Tu) Eets wan chance fo ejukate da “mainlan mainstream” – classmates from Idaho, roommates from Oklahoma, coworkahz from Caleefornia, teechahz from Floreeda, eh, maybe even wan boyfren oa girlfren dat nevah been to Hawai’i. Gude fo dem guyz to learn dat Hawai’i stay spesho.

An Numba Tree) Bondeen weet peepo from all deefren kine high skoolz een Hawai’i. How offeen da Mililani gradz an Iolani gradz hangeen weet da Hilo Hi an Punahou gradz?

At da en, da audience an da performahz wen stan an seeng “Hawai’i Aloha” togeddah. Get cheekenskeen, but, wen come to: “E hau’oli e na ‘opio o Hawai’i nei” (Happy da yoot of Hawai’i ). Spock you nex Apreel, Willamette.

Laurence "Lonnie" Wiig hails from Honolulu and lives in Oregon.  His current work includes freelance writing, Japanese-to-English translating and substitute teaching.   Please send comments and suggestions to Lwiig@hotmail.com.


Offensive Line Coach Brian Derby Brings
Football Camp to
Pacific Northwest

Press Release

Putting it all on the Line… Hawaiian Success Spreads to Mainland

For the past 9 years Coach Brian Derby has given young Hawaiian athletes 22 weekends of his life through his Offensive Line Clinics.  A Honolulu firefighter of 17 years and former University of Hawaii Warrior, Brian has a passion to help big men succeed. After helping over 50 players in Hawai`i reach Collegiate Teams and the NFL, the Brian Derby Offensive Linemen’s Camp is coming back to the Pacific Northwest for the 2nd Annual Camp.  The Camps will be held on July 24th to July 28th 2006 in Beaverton and Wilsonville, Oregon.  The camps will be offered to all players age 9 through 22 and will include line specific drills which help to develop sound technique and explosive speed coming off the snap.  The Beaverton Camp will be held at Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District Fields and feature two sessions; ages 9-13 at 9:00 to 11:00 AM and ages 14-22 at 12:30 to 2:30 PM.  The PM Session will be held at Wilsonville High School’s new Football Complex and will offer an all-ages camp from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.  Camps are open to all players and are $65.00 for the entire week with scholarships available to any player by request. As a specialty the Camp will feature Speed, Agility, and Quickness work by former PSU Quarterback Matt James, Director of Athletics at the new Velocity Sports in Hillsboro.

Sponsored by Nike and SPARQ, the camp is the first of its kind on the mainland.  Coach Derby is known for his tireless dedication to his students and receives no financial benefit from his camps.  He is credited by many with helping big linemen achieve the quickness and blocking technique to play at the highest level.           

This past year the Derby Camp in Oahu was instrumental in helping 13 young men make it on to Division 1 & 2 Football Scholarships including:

        Micah Kia, 6’5”, 305 pounds; Kamehameha; UCLA -- FULL RIDE  
        Ryan Pohl, Oahu, Kamehameha, 6’3”, 250 pounds; Oregon State -- FULL RIDE
        Whitley Fehoko; Farrington, 6’2”, 335 pounds; San Diego State -- FULL RIDE

Derby was known for his quickness and technique at Hawaii and was considered by many to be one of the very best linemen to come out of that storied program.  The connection to the Pacific Northwest began when Derby played high school ball for Pearl City High School where legendary Oregon State Quarterback and Green Bay Packer Joe Francis was his coach. 

Beaverton, Oregon area youth coach Dirk Knudsen was in Hawai`i in 2002 when he first heard about Derby through an article in the Honolulu Advertiser that displayed the unconventional techniques that Brian employs to get his players moving.  From Medicine Balls to Bungee Cables and Blindfolds, the players are exposed to a variety of techniques to improve.  The father of two linemen himself, Knudsen decided to try and reach Coach Derby.   After many phone calls and several emails, the two finally met and Coach Derby jumped at the chance to come to Portland to work with players here. “ The Northwest has always had some great linemen but finding a Line camp is next to impossible.  For Brian to come over and bring his coaches is a real honor!” said Knudsen.  “We worked hard last year, three camps a day in the July heat! Coach Derby came and brought Coach Michael Beazley, former U of H player. We added some local coaches and it made for an awesome camp. The kids loved it and learned a ton. The coaches that came were amazed at his knowledge. Nike was very impressed and we are working with them again this year,” Knudsen added.

Through their affiliation, Derby and Knudsen have developed a web site ( www.DerbyCamp.com) which is dedicated to the Offensive Line and Linemen.  As a result the word is out!  In addition to Oregon, camps are planned for Utah and Alaska this year and Washington, California and Texas by next year.  Players from as far away as New Jersey are coming to the Derby Camp in Oregon.

In 2003, Brian Derby was awarded the Neal Shaw Blasidell Award for public Service to the People of Hawaii and is also recognized for his work with Police Activities League.

For applications and information, call Dirk Knudsen at 503-799-8383 or email: Dirk@theknudsens.com. Visit www. DerbyCamp.com for more info.


Hawaiian Music in the Pacific Northwest

Click here for some pictures

1st Annual Keiki `Ukulele Festival

In October 2006 there will be the 1st Annual Keiki Hula & Keiki `Ukulele Festival.

We are creating an `Ukulele Group of 25 – 30 children from the ages of 14 and below (exceptions may be considered for teens 15 & above) to participate in the Keiki `Ukulele Festival. If your child has an `ukulele and would like to improve his playing and singing, this is a one-time-only offer for free lessons.

Objective: Create an Annual Musical Event and Future Programs for Keiki.

Start of `Ukulele Training Program: Applications and Screening, May 6, 2006.

`Ukulele Group Training Program Schedule: 5 months of `ukulele training, every weekend until October.

1 hour `Ukulele Lessons – Music Theory & Chord Applications

Conducted by Rodney Lopez Sr & Peter Palisbo

1 hour Singing Lessons & Song Arrangements, conducted by Roddy Lopez Jr.

Applications can be acquired by email to rodsr@aol.com or call Rodney or Susan Lopez at 360-613-2850 evenings after 6pm for more detailed information

Alternate Contact: Aunty Manu or Howard Lono at 206-243-3578.

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