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September 2005

Pacific Northwest News

Herb Kai Seeks Poulsbo Council Position

Press Release


Photo by Ray Narimatsu

After fifteen years of residence, two retirements, and five years of volunteering in Poulsbo Washington , Herb Kai is finally seeking election this year as a Council Member.

Herb was born and baptized Herbert Akamu Kai Junior, in Hilo, Territory of Hawaii , on 14 July 1943 to Regina Aiu from Kailua Kona and Herbert Akamu Kai from Hilo . He has always stood for the underdog and protected his relationships, beginning with paddling his 13-and-under Hilo Canoe Club to 1957 Territorial champs against superior Honolulu teams; then, a year before, he and his dad jumped into Hilo ’s Waiolama canal to save a drowning girl. With his mom, he delivered food to the needy in Hilo ’s and Puna’s tsunamis and eruptions during the 1950s and 60s and the dock strikes of the 50s. He scrounged for provisions to help scouts stranded at a Piihonua 3-day Boys Scouts jamboree; brought `Ike Pono Hawai`i to Poulsbo in 2004; and brings the Northwest Hawai`i Times to north Kitsap County today.

Kai went from kindergarten to 9 th grade at St Joseph School in Hilo to graduation at Kamehameha Schools, Class of ’61; then, Ft Lewis A&M College, Durango Colorado , for industrial arts and a Bachelors of Science from University of Hawai`i , Psychology, in 1966. But it was not until attaining a Masters of Science in Systems Management at the University of California in 1981 did he ‘retire ‘ from formal academia and concentrated on work methods and measurement analysis of government operations, stressing effectiveness and efficiency in government.

Military obligation saw Kamehameha Schools Army ROTC Kai choosing the US Air Force in 1966. After 11 assignments in nine years he accepted separation from active duty in 1975 but continued in the reserves and Hawaii Air National Guard until his retirement in 1990, Major USAF, as a manager in operations of air surveillance radar and mobile air traffic control (tower and radar).

Various jobs and career changes followed: fourteen years and a retirement from Federal Service as a Management Analyst, engineering the most effective and efficient organizations for Navy commanders at Navy Shipyard, Supply Center, and CINCPACFLT in Hawaii, La Maddalena and COMTELMED in Italy and COMSWREG in California; six years investing cash and energy into the family’s “mom-&-pop” Kai Store in Hilo; two years in the Office of Management and Budget, City of Phoenix Arizona as an Operations Analyst designing effectiveness and efficiency into the Legal, Courts, Police, Fire, and Engineering programs; two years as a private contractor, again, recommending efficient and effective alternative ways of accomplishing government services. Before all this (1963-1966), he was at Kamehameha Schools for three years (part-time) gaining experience as a student teacher (chemistry, biology, and physics), boys’ dormitory counselor, dining hall operations supervisor, and bus-&-truck driver. And he spent two years (1962-1963) at summer jobs with Kuwaye Brothers of Hilo on state highway jobs constructing fences, operating jackhammer, placing rock-busting explosives, and compacting pipelines and culverts. Kai was a builder of foundations!

In 1981, he married Ingrid (Barfod) Andrews (of Germany but naturalized in Hilo ,) and gained common sense, a daughter and two sons. Now retired, he enjoys senior shot put and discus; bicycling, kayaking, ukulele and guitar; and speaking at city council and committee meetings on community matters(access www.cityofpoulsbo.com and search “kai” for commentaries).

Which brings us back to his commitment to the “underdog”: Kai pledges to approach concerns from the “community up” not “council down”; to implement productivity analysis concepts in Poulsbo operations; and to place a high priority on recognizing diverse cultures.

Please support Herb Kai.


Photo from WSU

New Outreach Specialist at

WSU West:

Melissa Uyesugi from O`ahu

Melissa Uyesugi is the new Outreach Specialist for Asian American Pacific Islander Students at Washington State University – West in Seattle. She graduated from the University of Hawai`i, has an MA from Seattle University and experience in academic advising and college preparation assistance.

Melissa will be doing community outreach and looks forward to working as a resource for students with schools around the area.

For more information, contact her at WSU West, 520 Pike Street, Suite 1101, Seattle, Wa 98101-3916. Call (206) 448-1330, fax (206) 448-1334 or email uyesugi@wsu.edu.



Bryan Clay wins World Decathlon Title

By NWHIT Staff

Photo from BryanClay.com

Kāne`ohe’s Bryan Clay won the decathlon at the 10th World Championships of Track and Field held in Helsinki, Finland in August, making him the first athlete from Hawai`i to win a world track title. The twenty-five year old Castle High School graduate amassed 8,732 points over reigning Olympic champion Roman Sebrle of the Czech Republic who had 8,521 points.

Clay won the silver medal in the 2004 Olympics in Athens Greece. Winning this world championship not only puts him in top contention for a gold medal in the next Summer Olympics, but also in a league of famed USA decathlon champions as Jim Thorpe, Bob Mathias, Rafer Johnson and Bruce Jenner.

Bryan and his wife Sarah Smith from Edmonds, Washington are the new parents of a six-week-old son Jacob and live in Azusa, California.

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