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9-year-old Staffan Hellman of Bothell, Washington visited family in Japan with his mother Tomo and brought along his favorite newspaper, the Northwest Hawai`i Times. Here he is, reading it in a convenience store in Tokyo...

So, here is Staffan again, reading the Northwest Hawai`i Times at a subway stop in Tokyo. We are informed that the people behind Staffan are blurry only because they walk very fast! (unlike people in Hawai`i...)

There's a lot to read in the Northwest Hawai`i Times and Staffan is still reading it, but this time in front of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo where, according to his mother Tomo, he made a pit stop at the "Imperial Toilet."

Mahalo Staffan for taking da pepa to Japan and sending in all these photos!

(So, where are you going next summer?)

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