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I kēlā me kēia mana`o


January 2009


-My Beloved Hawaii-


                        I dream of you at night when I am sleeping.

                          I am always there-in that place I call home.

                             I hear you calling, and smell your fragrance, that is only you.

                                   I breathe your air, and want to be home.


                                              On a clear moonlit night through the Ohia trees…

                                                                  I felt your love for me.


~Adrienne Kawamura


Adrienne Kawamura moved to Seattle from the Big Island in 2000. A former dancer with Hawaii Ballet Theater and Ballet Hawaii, she now owns a small business in Edmonds, Washington. She published a book of poetry called Through the Night in 2005. “I am passionate about poetry because volumes are spoken in very few words. I think it touches our soul and reads our very thoughts that may have never been spoken.”



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