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I kēlā me kēia mana`o

Readers often send us poems, songs and stories that soar beyond our boundaries and defy our usual categories. Here in
I kēlā me kēia mana`o is where you will find them.


My Poke Story
By Gregg Porter

The first time we went back to visit my sweetie’s family on O`ahu (I had already met them on one of their visits to Seattle), we flew into Honolulu, picked up a rental car, and drove across the Ko`olau range to their home on the Windward Side. I was immediately invited to sit with her dad out on the lanai, where pupus would be served.

My Beloved Hawai`i
By Adrienne Kawamura

Adrienne Kawamura moved to Seattle from the Big Island in 2000. A former dancer with Hawaii Ballet Theater and Ballet Hawaii, she now owns a small business in Edmonds, Washington. She published a book of poetry called Through the Night in 2005. “I am passionate about poetry because volumes are spoken in very few words. I think it touches our soul and reads our very thoughts that may have never been spoken.”

Life is...HULA
By Leona Lueders

Hālau is located in Federal Way. 'Olelo (Hawaiian language) class is on Monday evening, followed by 'oli (chanting) class. Tuesday is reserved for beginners, followed by the advanced.

More from bradajo

Jozuf Hadley (bradajo) is a poet, artist and teacher from Kaua`i. His first Pidgin book Chalooku eensai first appeared in 1972.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles
By David DelaCruz

I was 14 years old when we moved to Seattle. We had lived the prior four years in Hawai`i and during that time my perspective on time, travel and the destination had been greatly influenced. Upon our first few weeks in the Northwest we took the 2 hour ride to Vancouver, Canada.


By David DelaCruz

Tonight my son scared himself in the bath as his rubber ducky crept up from behind where my daughter was splashing and making waves.

Close Encounters of the Island Kind
By David DelaCruz

I’ve been many places. My wife and I spent 2 years in Georgia. We lived 30 miles north of Atlanta in a town that was still “country” but quickly being enveloped by the creeping metropolis. When we arrive at a new location a priority on my move checklist is to determine where I’m going to get my haircut.

Rock Quarry
By David DelaCruz

Did you know you can scuba in Ohio?

Jozuf Hadley (bradajo) is a poet, artist and teacher from Kaua`i. His first Pidgin book Chalooku eensai first appeared in 1972. We've included 3 poems from Super Hero Monster, his present project in "Haiku Pidgin Poetry" form.


Kapa Kuiki
By Leona Lueders

So I’m getting the courage to begin my first Hawaiian quilt that I’ll work on my own – lucky to have been taught by Grannie, as she learned from two very old friends in Wahiawā Ward (church) – Lizzie Nunes and her mother, Sister Ka`a`a, who was in her eighties.


Lost Track
By Wayne Higa

We walk everywhere, me and Lloyd.
Into Panaewa, up the streams, even down the ocean.
No need money. We know where get big red crayfish,
catch crab with coconut leaf. Good fun.


Kama`aina Artist Louise Kikuchi
By Wayne Higa

Lāna`i-born and Hilo-raised artist Louise Kikuchi opens the latest in her series of solo shows at Rainier Square's Foster/White Gallery on September 2nd.  She began painting at the age of thirteen, taking lessons from a watercolorist on the island of Hawai`i.


Da Lass Days of Lloyd Labasan's Postal Career
By Lonnie Wiig

Lloyd been (C7) stay leaveen soon, all da hyuma stay gone
No moa (F) garanteed laffs, no guffaws from da trongs


First Race of the Season
By Paul Lugo

We are paddling up to the starting line. This race will be a straight five hundred meters over mildly lumpy water. The boat feels good and so does my body.

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