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Northwest Hawai`i Times Staff

Top Row L-R: Danny Kaopuiki and Gregg Porter  

Bottom Row L-R: Stephen Gomes, Roy Alameida and

Rochelle delaCruz

Not pictured: Kermet Apio, Roger Close

Photo taken at Golden Gardens in Seattle, Washington by
Steve Kajihiro


And a big mahalo to those who help us get da pepa to you!


Northwest Hawai`i Times Celebrates First Year

A year ago in April 2004, the inaugural issue of the Northwest Hawai`i Times was published and delivered around Seattle, Everett and Bellevue. This April 2005 issue marks the first anniversary of the newspaper “serving all who love Hawai`i” and today, the Northwest Hawai`i Times can be found not only in these areas, but also in the San Juan Islands, Skagit Valley, Whidbey Island, all over the Kitsap Peninsula – Bremerton, Poulsbo, Sequim and Port Ludlow - Yakima, Tacoma and Olympia in Washington State. In Oregon, you can find the newspaper in Portland, Forest Grove and Bend . It is also mailed out to far corners of both states as well as south to California, Nevada, Arizona, east to Idaho, Iowa and Georgia, and west to Hawai`i and Guam.

The newspaper began as a way to gather all who are connected to Hawai`i. Many island people have moved to the continent and the main story in April 2004 included the 2000 Census that reported the migration of approximately 17,500 islanders from Hawai`i to Washington State between 1995 and 2000. Many more have arrived in the Northwest since September 11, 2001 when the prices of homes and construction began to skyrocket in Hawai`i as outside investors saw the Islands as a safe haven, far from the continent but still “American.” In addition to the possibility of home ownership, Hawai`i people come to the Pacific Northwest because of better opportunities for their children and for employment. The numerous college campuses in Washington and Oregon have always been popular with Hawai`i students who are eager to broaden their experiences by leaving the Islands while remaining close enough to return home regularly. The paper publicizes information about islander events going on in Washington, Oregon and Hawai`i so that readers can participate in these gatherings.

So the first reason to have this newspaper is to provide a gathering place in the Pacific Northwest for all of us who share this love for Hawai`i.

The next reason for a Hawai`i newspaper is to report, in our own language, the news and stories of the Islands and of islanders that don’t appear in the mainstream press in the Northwest. The linguistic codes used in this paper reflect the way islanders speak and think, which is often different from the ways of non-islanders. The main language is English, which is what everyone learns to speak in Hawai`i, but it is entwined with Hawaiian and Hawai`i Creole, or Pidgin, which is also what islanders speak. This paper often reports on issues surrounding Native Hawaiians because all who grow up in the Islands are greatly influenced by Hawaiian culture which remains at the heart and soul of Hawai`i. So what happens to Native Hawaiians affects all of Hawai`i’s people, which is why we must follow those stories.

Another purpose of the Northwest Hawai`i Times is to disseminate information about the people and historical events that have made Hawai`i the place it is today. Some of the stories are difficult and painful to read, but they must be understood and remembered in order for us to be informed and to follow what is currently taking place.

Finally and most important, the Northwest Hawai`i Times is a community newspaper that serves the large numbers here in the Northwest who love those tiny islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We strive to reflect the kind of community we remember from back home, of people who consider themselves as one family, who play and laugh together, guide, support and love each other, celebrate accomplishments and help out in times of need.

The Northwest Hawai`i Times is happy and honored to serve this community. ~Rochelle delaCruz

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